Scorching Heat hits Aion plus Gandalf won’t let you pay in new LoTRO ad

The Balaurean offensive has kicked into full gear in Aion but before getting down and dirty with all the fighting, you might want to take a little R&R before the summer is over. The Summer Event: Scorching Heat is now live and with it comes some skimpy beachwear costumes.

Guy toons can go for the surfer dude look by slipping into ab-revealing board shorts while the girls have several swim looks to choose from. Scorching Heat should be renamed “The Month Daevas Discovered Cancun” and I’ll be glad to have it every year.

The fun costumes and accessories like grill shades and scuba helms can be bought using scorching heat tokens, which are earned when logged on to the game. That’s a simple task for me given how much time and Aion Kinah I’ve been spending for the new content of Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea.

Scorching Heat is one of those rare laid-back Aion events and I really think it will be a hit. I mean, there’s a reason why 99.9% of games out there have sexy lady toons strutting around in bikinis, right?

Real life girls and guys playing girl avatars should expect the online equivalent of ogling, so be prepared for all the whistling your revealing outfits will elicit. (Or if you’re a shy wallflower, cover up in a wacky Penguin candy suit instead!)

Lord of the Rings Online: Yucky Feet and Cheeky Reference

While we’re on the topic of too-revealing outfits, have you seen the latest TV spot for Lord of the Rings Online?

That receptionist at the beginning almost made me gag because her veiny feet just might be worse than a hobbit’s feet, which is saying much given all the shoe-less walking Frodo and his kin like to do.

Minus the unsightly feet though, the ad seems to drive home the point that LoTRO can now be played for free. The “Gandalf” character shouts “You shall not pay!” in reference to Lord of the Rings trilogy when Gandalf (played by Sir Ian McKellen) battles the Balrog and keeps it from snacking on the Fellowship, shouting: “You shall not pass!”

It’s one of the best lines in the trilogy and it works here.

Lord of the Rings Online has gotten a lot of buzz by switching to a free-to-play model since servers are now overloaded with sign ups. Registration and log-in delays are being reported in most forums but I’ll give it another week or two to complain because Turbine has a good track record for keeping their fans happy.

New rollers are also complaining about the paltry 2 LoTRO Gold cap for the free account, but there’s a pay service to uncap it so there’s really little chance that that’s gonna be raised any higher. The uncapping service might get a bit cheaper though if it becomes a major barrier for VIP upgrades, which is what Turbine really wants free account players to do in the long run.