Lord of the Rings Online goes free tomorrow plus Final Fantasy XI boots up new battle add-on

It’s a literal free-for-all in Lord of the Rings Online as the online game goes free-to-play tomorrow.

LoTRO developer Turbine just made the dreams of J.R.R Tolkien come true by inviting the whole world to explore Middle-Earth. Seemingly inspired by the free-to-play success on its other MMO title Dungeons and Dragons Online, Turbine is banking on strong word-of-mouth and its newb-friendly community to attract new rollers to its servers.

Under a free account, a player can create one character and choose among seven of the nine available classes. Only the Warden and Rune-keeper classes are reserved for premium and VIP accounts. For more information on the content and services given to a VIP or Premium or Free player, then read the comprehensive breakdown of the account perks at the LoTRO site.

Basically, if you’re curious about LoTRO and just want to get a feel of it up to level 50, then go download the LoTRO client and sign up for a Free account. Then when you feel like progressing more in Middle-Earth like expanding your LoTRO Gold money cap or venturing into the expansion packs, you can purchase services through a cash shop.

If you’re a current or former LoTRO player confused as to how the Free-to-play change will affect you, check out the helpful chart below from fan site mmorsel.com:

As you can see, if you paid for the lifetime subscription you’re basically set for life in LoTRO–full access to the game, free Turbine points to be spent on exclusive goodies and not even a single dime to shell out. Current subscribers still have to keep paying monthly for those monthly Turbine Points and VIP content access. And if you’ve ever paid for either a box or a monthly subscription, then you automatically have a premium subscription.

Now that that’s all sorted out, let’s head over to the other side of the fantasy MMO universe.

Final Fantasy XI just went live with its September version update. Along with the new Wings of the Goddess missions and Magian trials came the Scars of Abyssea battle add-on.

In Scars of Abyssea, players can join the Bastion battles and repel the rampaging Abyssean hordes. It also has new Empyrean armor rewards plus additional NMs to slay and loot FFXI Gil from.

The September update also came with the new level 85 cap increase, just 14 levels shy away from the final goal of a level 99 cap. It’s quite a a lot of content that’s sure to keep FFXI players chugging along with their linkshell buds. (What Final Fantasy XIV?)