Download Aion 2.0 plus Asmodians get some love from Producer Chris Hager

It’s been a long wait for its Western import, but Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea is finally within our download reach.

The client installer has already been released, and it’s one big download after which you won’t have to patch up. You can download it from the NCSoft Torrent (you’ll need torrent programs like uTorrent for this) or via direct download from GamerHell (Full install or just the patch)

If you’re still itching for info on what to expect from this big update that takes us to the very heart of the Balaurean homeland, fan site AionSource scored an interview with Producer Chris Hager during PAX 2010.

The more juicy tidbits he shared are the differences between the Korean and Western versions of Aion 2.0. It seems the Western version will have different fort siege timers and “a couple of drop rate differences,” which will be a lot more generous because we have less tolerance for grind than those grind-happy Koreans. Awarded experience will be bumped up too.

Because of these easier XP gains and loot, the always welcome Double XP Weekends is poised to become a holiday or special event thing, according to Mr. Hager.

The Producer also confirmed that the Western launch trailer, which has loads of Asmodians featured, has been intended to help with the faction balance, which now favors the Elyos. Every bit of help counts, I guess, at least compared to the Korean launch trailer which made it look like Aion is just a pretty land filled with fair-skinned angels.

Asmodians also get shown more prominently in the log-in screen for Aion 2.0 which should grab the attention of new players to the game. Let’s see if this strategy, coupled with the limited server transfers, will bulk up the Asmodian force and make PvP fights a tad more competitive on all servers.

If not, you can always buy Aion Kinah for evening out the playing field and owning opponents through sheer gear dominance. See you Daevas in Aion 2.0!