Final Fantasy XIV starts open beta plus a new trailer shows a possible villain

Final Fantasy XIV unlocked the gates to open beta today and, as a bonus, also gave us a new three-minute trailer showing brand-new cutscenes, including a possible villain sighting!

The open beta will last a couple of weeks (getting a Square Enix ID is a must for this!) and will most probably feature the latest iteration of the game, complete with revisions based on feedback from the past three rounds of closed beta testings.

Most beta testers can head on to the open beta without a hitch but if you’re a casual player waiting for unrestricted access to the game in its near-complete form, then you might have to wait a little while longer; new testers will be added on a staggered basis, increasing in number as the Sept. 30 launch nears.

By mid-September, I’m fairly certain the game servers will be optimized to handle the expected deluge of toons running around in Hydaelyn.

Together with the open beta announcement, Square Enix also released the North American prerelease trailer. Right from the get go we’re serenaded by the FFXIV opening theme song entitled “Answers” sung by Susan Calloway. The Detroit crooner has previously worked with Square Enix to produce the Distant Worlds cd and even performed these collaborated songs live on tour.

The theme song sounds like a bard’s lullaby and, if you pay attention to the lyrics, is made to inspire us on our impending journey in FFXIV. The tune plays out while we see in-game footage as well as never-before-seen battle cutscenes.

That guy at the end also screams VILLAIN (who else likes to stand in glorious armor while watching an atomic bomb explosion?) so I’m curious to know who the heck he is and just what evil schemes he’s up to.

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Stay tuned as I try to get into the open beta and roll the cutest Lalafell thaumaturge you’ll ever see. Wish me luck!