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Final Fantasy XIV unlocks the beta gates for Gridania and Ul’dah

Fresh air and zephyr winds are plentiful in seaside Limsa Lominsa, the often-featured city-state in Final Fantasy XIV. But two of the other starter towns in the game–forested Gridania and majestic Ul’dah–are charming their way into the hearts of adventurers as Square Enix opens them up to the beta testing public.

Because I’m still begging every moogle and chocobo I see for a beta test key, beat me to the scoop on what to expect in Gridania and Ul’dah, culling every bit of info from J-mags like Dengeki and Famitsu.

Seems like each city-state has a unique theme going on. Tree-covered Gridania “has the strongest influence over magic” and hosts the guilds for Lancers, Archers and Conjurers. The dense forest surrounding the town should also engulf naughty children foolish enough to wander through its thick foliage.

Meanwhile, Ul’dah has a more free-barter bazaar feel with its coliseum and casino facilities. It does get boring in the desert so I guess the endemic Lalafell population and visitors could use the addictive entertainment.  Seems like I’ve found my new home! :)