EpicToon gets a stellar 97/100 review from Mmoops.com

Its definitely a great day for us here at EpicToon as review site Mmoops.com gave our store a 97/100 rating–one of the highest they’ve given in history.

The almost perfect rating, which we just found while Googling our name (Yeah companies do that too!) puts the EpicToon store at par with industry leader IGE, which is a great accolade given that we only began last year.

It shows we’ve made a great service in such a short time, especially when it comes to delivering virtual currencies for World of Warcraft, Aion, Final Fantasy XI and other online games.

Mmoops Founder and CEO Peter Tisle wrote the full review himself, and we’ve cut out some great tidbits to share with you fans:

The “green bizrate” he’s talking about is the level of customer satisfaction among those who purchase from EpicToon. More than 100 customers contributed to the “green” rating we enjoy and shows a consistency in delighting gamers.

Among the great things Mmoops said about us, this one takes the cake because it’s an area we’ve been working on the hardest. Safe and fast deliveries of WoW Gold or Aion Kinah is one of the most important things gamers ask from us, and we’re glad to see appreciation for our efforts.

Read the rest of the review that covers why we’re one of the most trusted stores around–everything from our secure website, helpful 24/7 customer service and useful order tracking features.