Star Trek Online schedules weekly Feature Episodes, casts the Breen as first foes

As if inspired by the multi-episode arcs in its namesake shows, Star Trek Online announced today the arrival of Feature Episodes, which are inter-connected missions added on a weekly basis.

The first three Feature Episodes (collectively known as a Series, yeah, just like a TV series) will feature the Breen as antagonists set on invading the planet Defera.

Both factions will have access to the episodes, with the Klingons harboring a deeper animosity for the armor-clad Breen. Cryptic Studios didn’t say for how long the Breen series will run, but the initial Feature Episodes below sound packed with world-saving drama:

I wouldn’t cross my fingers for a final boss reveal–the Breen have been a notorious tease in the Star Trek franchise, never showing what’s under those cumbersome fridge-suits. So just be contented with the loot and bonus STO energy credits that’s sure to come from defeating them.