Final Fantasy XI updates still going strong with new Goddess missions and Magian trials

Final Fantasy XI fans have been worried that with newer, slicker Final Fantasy XIV releasing in a month, their eight-year-old game will stop getting fresh content from good ‘ol Square Enix.

But in back-to-back announcements over the weekend, the Japanese developer promised new Wings of the Goddess missions and Trial of the Magians challenges, giving levelers and end-gamers fresh reasons to log into Vana’diel.

Most of the new Wings of the Goddess missions will plunge adventurers into the final stages of the expansion’s time-bending conflict as Lady Lilith reveals herself to the Allied Forces, and her minions bring greater mayhem. Cait Sith also seems to be gambling on a final counterattack that can turn the tides of battle with your help, of course.

Square Enix describes the upcoming batch of Goddess missions as “emotionally-charged,” which I bet my FFXI Gil, is the code word for the death of a popular NPC or two.

Meanwhile, the Trial of the Magians offers armor rewards for the first time, which can be augmented trough further trials. Each job will have a unique set that can complement existing weapons obtained by battling in Abyssea. Expect tweaks in the win conditions for some trials, and the unlocking of Empyrean weapons for augmentation, either with new skills or improved stats.