Double XP period to linger until Aion 2.0 release?

Lowbies, alt levelers and casuals rejoice!

Aion has activated an indefinite Double XP period for all servers–a vast improvement from the short Double XP weekends we’ve been receiving so far. We’re hoping it goes on forever just so we can speed through some of the grind and ganking, but the fluffy announcement below suggests the bonus XP perk will end when Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea arrives:

As preparations for a full-scale assault continue, Lord Marchutan of the Asmodians and Lord Kaisinel of the Elyos have begun fighting for control of Balaurea…

It won’t be long until great airships begin to transport Daevonian soldiers readied for battle. The Empyrean Lords from both races have bestowed a special blessing upon all citizens of Atreia that will enable all Daevas to earn twice as much experience from each battle and crafting experiment so they may more swiftly muster the strength necessary to conquer the Balaur and ensure the destruction of the Dragon Lord Tiamat.

Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea–the upcoming free expansion for the game due out on Sept. 7–just went live on the Public Test Servers. There, the XP gains are more generous since previous test characters have been deleted and NCSoft is calling for more testers to roll brand new Daevas and explore the upcoming Aion 2.0 content.

Either way, it seems like leveling is the flavor of the month in Atreia so ding as much as you can until the bonus XP expires. Now if we could just get equivalent perks for max-level toons, like double Aion Kinah or improved drop rates, then we can be more patient with those long overdue Fight on the Right Side rewards.