Jedi Knight advanced classes revealed; Star Trek Online creative honcho signs off

This week, Jedi Knights showed how valuable mastering The Force is in Star Wars: the Old Republic. Harness it long enough against the Dark Side and you upgrade to one of two advanced classes: Guardian or Sentinel.

It was months ago when BioWare revealed the Advanced Class system and its goal of providing specialization options to players, but the Guardian and Sentinel previews are our first peek of this system at work.

Based on their description above, Guardians will act as tanks who protect the innocent from the destructive mayhem of the Republic enemies. Their use of heavy armor will serve well for this job and the use of the phrase “inspiring allies to amazing feats” is fancy wording for buff-type auras.

Meanwhile, Sentinels are trained for more offense by wielding dual lightsabers. I wouldn’t want to anger one of these skilled duelers and end up being sliced to fine meat. It’s also suggested that Sentinels will be able to take advantage of enemy weaknesses, but exactly how hasn’t been revealed yet.

This first salvo is a teaser really, a way to excite us into rolling a new toon and fulfill our fantasy of becoming the next Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi. I have higher expectations for the next installment though–several skill descriptions and vid demos will help seal the deal not only for me, but for you ET fans as well.


While the rest of the Galactic Republic ogles the new Jedi Knight advanced classes, Federation and Klingon captains are giving their farewell salutes to Chief Creative Officer Bill Roper, who announced this week his departure from Cryptic Studios.

After a two-year stint molding Star Trek Online and game brethren Champions Online, Mr. Roper said it’s time to move on to other pursuits. “Over the past few months my entrepreneurial spirit has become restless, and I’ve made the difficult decision to move on and look for new opportunities,” Mr. Roper said in a short farewell announcement posted at the official STO website.

The veteran developer thanked the Cryptic staff and the gamers who have given “both the support and the kicks in the ass that have pushed me to constantly evaluate and grow.” Mr. Roper was mum on his immediate plans but some insiders believe he could plan to start his own company again, which after the Flagship Studios bomb, deserves a phaser gun salute if only for sheer chutzpah.


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