EpicToon Advisory: Lock Down Your Character Names

Aion has just implemented its Server Merge so please make sure to lock down your character name and alert EpicToon of any name change. This is to avoid confusion in the delivery of your Aion Kinah orders to the wrong character.

If you have an existing order with EpicToon, please contact our Customer Service staff immediately so they can be informed of your new character name.

So how do you check your new character name? Just log into Aion and it will show your new character name (you’ll notice a server abbreviation tag has been added) and if you don’t like the name, you can use the Character Name Change ticket sent to your inventory.

Simply right-click the ticket and choose your desired name. If it’s not available, you can contact NCSoft and even submit a name change appeal before July 28. After NCSoft approves your desired name, please inform EpicToon about it so your Kinah will be delivered to the new name.

For more inquiries on how the Server Merge and name change will affect your existing and future Kinah orders, feel free to contact ET Customer Service.

Thank you!

Your EpicToon.com Team