New ships and ancient rivalry coming in Star Trek Online Season 2

Star Trek Online is packing some heat with its upcoming Season 2 update, with new ships becoming available to Vice Admirals and an ancient rivalry rearing its ugly head for the Klingon faction.

In the latest Ask Cryptic post, the devs revealed that three new additional ships will be docking soon in Federation space: Galaxy with Saucer Separation, Intrepid with Ablative Armor, and Defiant with Cloak. Meanwhile, Klingon Dahar Masters will be able to control a Fek’ihri carrier.

While Klingons will have less new ships to pilot, they will receive a more exciting storyline with the emergence of a major nemesis: the fek’ihri. With these confirmed features, Season 2 is shaping up to be an exciting one especially with plans for missions to venture beyond the Galactic Barrier.

The rest of the Q&A also confirms the activation of “social features similar to what we have in Champions Online” when Season 2 goes live this month, which means optional Facebook interactivity. More non-combat missions are also rolling out under the Federation Diplomatic Corps system, progress in which will unlock ranks and accolades–and their corresponding titles and rewards.