The Cataclysm Beta Begins: What to Do and Where to Go

So you were lucky enough to be chosen for the Cataclysm beta test. Now the question is: What do you do with it?

Well, as with any beta test, your primary task is to give Blizzard an honest feedback on their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. There’s a ton of new features so EpicToon has narrowed down the choices for you, picking the must-try activities and must-visit places in post-Arthas Azeroth.

Roll a Goblin or Worgen–and act out

The beta test is a great time to get to know the new playable races available in Cataclysm: the Goblin and the Worgen. You will have a blast taking on the beginner quests at the starting zones of Kezan and Gilneas–they’re not the typical kill X helpless creatures we’ve grown used to before. Kezan, in particular, is filled with roller coaster rides and underwater adventures that bring out the wackier side of WoW.

Goblins and Worgens have new emoticon actions as well. Just type in the /Dance, /flirt and /salute commands for a barrel of laughs. You can also try slinging spells for a first-hand look at the casting graphics. There’s even the cool Worgen transformation sequence from a human to a werewolf-like beast.

Fly around the revamped zones

Epic flying is now permitted anywhere in World of Warcraft, so buy WoW Gold and get that epic flying skill. You’ll get your money’s worth just flying around the revamped zones like the now-flooded Thousand Needles region. Capital cities have also be redesigned to accommodate mounted flight so whip out those proto-drakes and start the leisure flying.

If you’re too tired to manually control your mount, you can still see the beauty–and destruction–of the new Cataclysm environments by riding the faction flight service. The gryphons and bats take you up the skies, giving you a bird’s eye view of the changes Blizzard has made throughout the land. (And it’s easier to take pictures for posting at your Facebook page).

Tinker with the improved UI

Blizzard has improved almost everything in the user interface, from the character pane to the PvP tab. Even trainers have upgraded their menu to make it easier for you to learn class and profession skills. It takes awhile to get used to the changes, so use the beta test is the perfect time to get accustomed to the new layout before the final version comes out (or make suggestions on further UI tweaks).

Wear all the GS-smashing gear

See your stats balloon to new heights with all the crafted and purchasable gear. The beta test should be your window of opportunity to map out your current toon’s spec for Cataclysm. Many quirk stats have gone the way of the dodo, being distilled into the primary stats like Strength and Agility. While the final math behind the min-maxing could still change, at least you can plan ahead on what items to look for in the new expansion.

Conquer Grim Batol and Vashj’ir

The beta test allows you to import your level 80 character so go conquer the newly added level 80-85 areas in the game world. Based on the preview pictures, the ruined stronghold of Grim Batol and the sunken city of Vashj’ir are sights to behold. Not to mention the new mechanics being applied to these two areas: Grim Batol will hold bombing runs–the first ever in a dungeon–and Vashj’ir has an underwater location that’s sure to bring new possibilities for combat and travel.