Aion Consolidates Servers, Offers Free Toon Transfers Next Month

Things are a moving and a shaking in Aion as the game prepares to merge its Western servers by July 7.

According to the Server Merge FAQ, North American servers will consolidate to 5 from 14, while European servers to 8 from 18. It’s the first merge of this kind for the game so developer NCSoft is offering free character transfers to ease the transition.

All daevas can avail the free transfer service but only starting July 8, a day after the merge goes live. This is a good strategy because it doesn’t preempt the doomsayers from abandoning their servers too early.

By offering the character transfer option one day after, NCSoft is encouraging players to immerse themselves first before making the decision to leave home. The free moves will also be available for more than a month until August 18, which is ample time to test the waters and, if the new tenants prove unbearable for you, arrange your departure to newer and greener servers.

Fans are concerned that the community they’ve come to rely on will be shattered once the “invading” servers show up. Some even go as far as predicting an ugly game experience as “less friendly” and “more competitive” servers merge with their own.

But on the other side of the Atreian coin, the server merge will boost population numbers and allow more loot earned through crafting or dungeon drops to fill the auction house, which results in lower Kinah prices for everyone. It also makes PvP more interesting as the balance of power versus Elyos and Asmodians per server gets turned on its head.

More details will be released in the coming weeks, NCSoft promised, so watch out soon as we keep tabs on this exciting server merge.