New Mog Bonanza Millionaires Announced

Hundreds of Final Fantasy XI players just became millionaires as Square Enix revealed the winners of their Mog Bonanza 2010.

The lottery-style draw sold more than 5.8 million marbles at 2,000 Gil each resulting in a 11.7 billion prize lot.

Rank 1 winners who picked five digits matching the draw each received a little more than 100 million gil each; rank 2 winners around 4.2 million each; and rank 3 winners roughly half a million Gil each.

Aside from these swath of new Vana’diel millionaires, nations are celebrating their new non-cash prizes, the most notable of which are the Kupons for relic armor items.

Want to know if you got lucky in FFXI Gil or gear? Just log onto the game and view the system message, or speak to the designated Bonanza Moogles at each of the three nations plus the Chocobo Circuit (H-8). For more details, read the full post here.