STO Season 2 Ventures Past Galactic Barrier, But No Tier 6 Ships

When I signed up for Star Trek Online all I wanted was to explore the galaxy and act all bossy to a crew who would follow my every order, no matter how tactically stupid these were. But now it seems the galactic playground will get even bigger–multi-dimensional even!–once the Season 2 Update rolls around this July, according to new Q&A released at the official website.

Federation and Klingon captains alike will discover another dimension and get to peek behind the forbidding Galactic Barrier, which as you may remember, has caused nothing but misery and havoc to all those foolish enough to go pass through it.

It’s all right to forgo the Galactic Barrier exploration. Past Trekkers have suffered gruesome deaths due to exploring this mysterious energy field, some burning to a radioactive crisp and others suffering from psychotic breakdowns. If this is too dangerous for your taste, then explore instead social areas like Vulcan which could get new missions in Season 2.

The big mystery though is what the dimension-crossing storyline will be, given that The Q will take a backseat in Season 2 (It sucks, I know!). Will the dimensional rip be accidental or some evil plot from an evil Andromeda race? Whatever it is, it should at least match the sheer awesomeness of recent Q missions.

But not all’s good news for Season 2. Sadly, no Tier 6 ships will be introduced next month despite the level cap increase; only additional Tier 5 ships are planned for release. Development for Tier 6 though is gaining traction:

“We have been kicking around ideas for what Tier 6 ships could be and how they would work in the STO universe already. Will they be retrofits of existing ships, “Super Defiants”? Will they need entire Fleets to pool their resources to create? We’ll continue to listen to the community’s feedback and decide as the time gets closer how exactly we will implement the next Tier of starships.”

The Q&A also sealed the coffin for customized missions matching our bridge officer composition. Cryptic reasoned that logistical constraints prevent them from implementing this much-requested feature, and a half-hearted attempt would only end up “so generic it would feel a little forced and hollow.” I personally think this isn’t such a big deal, especially if try to make up for it by fast-tracking the Open PvP and dueling options in game.

Season 2 has a lot more features to offer, including a Fleet Logo System, so read here for the complete STO Season 2 developer Q&A.