Long Queues For Must-Have Aion 1.9 and BlizzCon 2010 Tickets

There were agonizing wait lines today for two popular MMORPGs, but they were the kind where the rewards are so good you’ll suffer forever if needed.

In Aion, Daevas dove in to a patch day lagfest with the live implementation of Aion Update 1.9. Servers went offline yesterday for eight hours in preparation for the patching process but now that they’re up and running, there’s just too many gamers downloading files, logging in and trying out the new and improved Atreia.

The server slowdown is par for the course during major content updates, but please understand that us Aion Western fans have ached long enough for this update. It’s bad enough that Koreans saw the update ahead of us for months (and getting Wonder Girls with their 2.0 Update), but to wait a couple more days for the initial server rush to normalize is excruciating.

So my plan is to log on a mid-level alt for the meantime, swing some Mist weapons at a remote farming area, earn some kinah, and wait until the cities and dungeons are at a more acceptable lag level. That way, your Update 1.9 experience won’t get tainted by patch day woes.

Meanwhile in World of Warcraft, there’s the much-anticipated wait the BlizzCon 2010 ticket sale. Dalaran trade chats and forums have been rife with  “strategies” for grabbing one of these magical tickets for the October 22-23 gaming festival like using in-game reminder countdowns ala DeadlyBossMods.

Fans want to be first in line since tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-come basis via the Blizzard Store. Each household has an allotted purchase limit so whole guilds planning to come out in full force at BlizzCon 2010 have already lined up their troops to ransack the store.

Much as I want to join the ticket tug-of-war, I can’t head out to BlizzCon this year so I’ve settled to watch the happenings via DIRECTV internet streaming. I can switch through the panel coverages quickly and save money on accommodations, air fare, and other travel expenses. It won’t be the same as rubbing elbows with the great Ghostcrawler and the rest of the Blizzard team, but all the juicy tidbits will be at my fingertips so all’s good.

Those of you unlucky enough to purchase the tickets tonight (it’s already sold out), Blizzard has scheduled another batch of ticket sales on June 5 so make sure to try your luck that day. If the RNG gods still hate you then, why not plunk down your $150 on some juicy gold on the EpicToon store. Being l33t in Azeroth–at least for me–is a pretty awesome coping mechanism.