Halas Reborn Update: Live Features, Flaws and a Pussy Freebie

In case you were too busy killing Undine or sunbathing in Khitai, then let me fill you in on what’s been happening to EverQuest II.

Norrath is now knee-deep in smurf blue graphics. And it’s ffffreezing cold!

Blame it on the Halas Reborn update which just went live this week. Set in the northern regions where snow is a 24/7 attraction, this newest EQII patch opens up the city of New Halas as a fresh starting zone. New Halas looks like an ice-block fortress guarded by local dwarves and frogloks. They’re quite friendly but don’t talk much (nothing’s wrong, they’re just conserving heat), so you’ll be spending more time raiding both Underfoot Depths: The Hole and Icy Keep: Retribution.

Igloo-inspired housing also makes it way to your screen inspired by the frigid climate of New Halas. If ice sculptures aren’t your thing, SOE has also installed a new Storyteller system which gives you a reason to go back to other regions and finish storylines you’ve lost track of.

This Storyteller system received flak from some players who called it a spoon-feeding tool for those too lazy to check on EQ2Wikia. Rather than “fix a wheel that wasn’t broken to begin with,” developers should have created new content.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it as useless, though. Some altoholic friends dread logging on to their dusty toons because they’d forgotten where to go for their quests. This new lore tool will help them get back to the game with just a few clicks on the menu, even if they haven’t touched a character in months.

But speaking of forgotten alts, I’m gonna log in all of mine today or tomorrow. SOE is giving away a Halas Frostpaw Kitten pet as an exclusive log-in bonus item per character that logs in between May 25-28. This blue-eyed pussy is a sexy freebie that entices us to check out their Halas Reborn update (complete patch notes here)–and I for one am smitten!