Wonder Girls Get Wings in Korean Aion 2.0, Western Collaboration In the Works?

They’re cute, bubbly and have milky-white legs that stretch for miles. The Korean pop group Wonder Girls have all the tools to make boys go gaga, which is probably the reason why NCSoft hired them to lend their signature style and dance moves in the Korean Aion 2.0.

The Aion 2.0 content update just went live in the Korean test server so nubile girls are a great way to bait gamers: “Dress me, control me, play with me.” AllKPop interviewed the quintet and learned how players can have their own personal Wonder Girl:

The event in the game is titled Real Wonder Girls Project and it seems you can make your character look like the Wonder Girls by purchasing clothing and headgear pieces through the game’s currency (kinah). You can also purchase special dance emotes and pull off the Wonder Girls dance moves.

While the whole concept screams of girly Barbie, I personally will try this out should it be ported to the Western servers. But the chances of this happening is very slim to none. This was more of a promotional tie-up since Wonder Girls are super popular in Korea and they have the new EP out but why not do the same when Aion 2.0 hits the Western in fall?

The Black Eyed Peas (yeah, dream on) is a great choice or any other spunky band with a great look to them. Doesn’t have to dance moves–maybe just co-opt one of their songs as in-game music? Just don’t use Justin Bieber for the love of all Daevas. Or if you have your own suggestions, just post them at the comments section below.

I leave you with screenies of Wonder Girls-inspired toons, which can help pass the time before Aion 1.9 hits the PTS on June 2.