Cataclysm Profession Changes, Rise of the Godslayer Woes

It’s all about expansion news over the weekend, with some exciting previews in Azeroth and a not-so-smooth launch in Hyboria.

Professions seem to be shaping up well in the next World of Warcraft expansion as seen in a preview of the Profession changes in Cataclysm.

Professions provide skills, gear and money-making opportunities so it’s nice to see them getting some love from Blizzard. In fact, I can even say that professions determine a big chunk of a character’s identity and usefulness in Azeroth. Try making a blood elf without even skinning or mining as his source for income–well, don’t, because you’ll tear your hair out.

Jewelcrafting seems to be gunning for the title of most fashionable–and girly–profession given its new vanity items, rhinestone sunglasses, monocles and sprinklable stardust. Blacksmithing, leatherworking and tailoring will get access to respectable PvP gear in preparation for the new rated battlegrounds, and since most of these will require tons of materials, the leveling skill can jump a few notches with each successful forging.

First aid also seems to have upped its healing capabilities. The new revealed Dense Embersilk Bandage tops up a player for 34,800 hp over 8 seconds, which is far above the current highest Heavy Netherweave bandage that just heals for 3,400 hp over 8 seconds, the new. That’s a 10-times jump in healing and could be an indication of just how vast the hp boost for all classes.

While Cataclysm is steadily gaining positive buzz, Age of Conan‘s Rise of the Godslayer expansion has suffered from back-to-back downtime that prevented players from downloading the expansion content and logging on to explore Khitai. While the lynch mob has resorted to calling AoC developer Funcom as FAILCom, I believe the company did its best given this is their first expansion ever.

The servers are at least up and running now, so I hope those who had been eager to begin farming their faction armors and riding a tiger get to it fast and forget the snags that accompanied the expansion release.

(Pic by Joe Wilson from Blizzard Community fan art)