Managing the Mom Aggro

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and, like a dutiful son, I missed a raid to take mom to a nice dinner. Nothing uber special, just steaks and wine plus coffee at the nearby Starbucks. She was smiling all night but when we sat down with our frappes, she began lectured me to cut down on my gaming.

Like that would happen! But then I got curious and asked her why. She then recited her list of reasons, from how I don’t spend enough time cleaning my place to how she never gets to see me. I know I’m not the only one who’s heard this argument against MMOs so I’m now sharing some tips on what you can do to manage the mom aggro:

Clean your gaming rig—and everything else around it. Moms are wired to frown on dirt and disorder. Wipe the grime off the screen and table, then hunker down to the accessories which are by far the hardest to clean. Flush out all those food bits stuck between the keyboard buttons using a can of pressurized air, then smear it plus your mouse with disinfecting alcohol.

Trust me, this is a great first step in keeping the creepy crawlies away. Not only is PC cleaning hygienic, it’s also a surefire way to make your mom proud when she visits your apartment or checks your room.

Log out to pitch in. If you live with your mom, find time to help prepare the dinner table or volunteer for weekend chores. You’ll miss a raid or two, but she won’t nag that you sleep early so it all evens out. Save your allowance or take a part-time job to pay for the monthly subscriptions and electricity bill (it racks up, those all-night sessions).Even if she doesn’t accept the payment, at least it’s a considerate gesture that earns you major brownie points.

If you’ve moved out but live just an hour or so away, try to spend one of those maintenance or patch days at her house. Surprise her with pizza so she won’t have to cook dinner and ask her what she’s been up to. If your sister bonds with by shopping, maybe a pizza night could be your way of catching up.

Virtual (Re)connection. You can also convince her to sign up for your favorite MMO, be it World of Warcraft or Star Trek Online. Even though you’re miles away, you’ll have a fun way to spend time together, especially if you and your mom don’t have much in common. The game can be that icebreaker you’re looking for.

And don’t brush her off as a dinosaur who won’t be able to understand or control an MMO character. Plan it when there’s time for you to coach her side-by-side. Be patient and she’ll soon see (or at least try to see) why you spend so much time in the game.

The grind will be her biggest enemy. We gamers might find it enjoyable to spend hours on end just farming gold or materials, but moms might find it tediously boring. If you have spare cash, why not buy WoW Gold or STO Energy Credits for her so she can spend more time enjoying the game.

If you have more ideas on how to manage the mother aggro, share them below in the comments section.