Winners Gallery for “Love Is In the Air” Screenshot Contest

Two months ago, World of Warcraft held its annual Love Is In The Air holiday where toons ran around /flirting, /kissing and sprinkling rose petals to even the ugliest orcs in Azeroth.

We thought we’d seen everything while sitting at the Dalaran bank steps, but members proved us wrong as they sent in screenshots of their most romantic moments during the event. From an unlikely tryst to a breathless make-out session, each of the five entries below won for their senders a 6o-day prepaid time card each courtesy of

The first pic we’ll discuss was sent by Bellamore showing the courtship between a blood elf beauty and her undead admirer (above). Here we see a secret picnic in the Undercity shared with their beloved KT pet, and that despite the rot-infested sewers brewing around them, the couple is having a grand ‘ol time together.

This three-pic comic strip from Chrusher has a not-safe-for-work language but we felt for Shiv, who reminds me of those awkward years in high school spent being a sullen outcast. We gave points for the use of Sindragosa and the suggestive punch at the end. What can you buy for 20 euros? LOL.

Sometimes hearing the author’s words brings a whole new meaning to a picture. Kanathe on his nostalgic choice for the contest:  “Here’s one from last year…a bit of a sad one for me though. I’m the guy second from left, and next to me was the Draenei preistess in the red dress I was with at the time till a few days back. Still, was a fun time when this was taken.” We’ve all gone through those break-up rummaging, and this one just rips our hearts with equal sweetness and pain.

When I mentioned earlier “breathless make-out session”, I bet you didn’t expect a literal underwater smackdown. Kyndle sent this sexy screenshot with her paramour Symptom. Yet another belf and undead pairing, which makes me wonder if there is something deeper here than mere coincidence. Is this a case of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or have the undead just cooked up a mind control plague.

Swordtut describes this screenie simply as “lonely human”, suggesting that the single toon in the pic still celebrated the WoW version of Valentine’s. Laying out that romantic picnic basket can also be seen as openness to whatever might come. Love can be like that–just appears out of nowhere to sit beside you and slowly nibbles all what you have to offer.

So there you have it. Just holler at the comments section to give the winners some feedback. There’s definite room for improvement from better lighting to quirkier scenarios. Or if you have the time to chat with them, drop by and send a more personal congratulations.