No ETA for Open PvP and Dueling in STO, Focus on Season Two Update

It’s great when MMO developers go out of their way to inform subscribers of possible game upgrades. But it was a bit disappointing to get a checklist of maybes in the latest Ask Cryptic newsletter.The Star Trek Online developer just ho-hummed on timelines for future PvP features that most current titles have.

On the much-requested open world PvP, Cryptic said plans are underway but “at this point, we have no ETA when you can expect this.” The developer is also eager to offer 1-on-1 dueling, but they are first focused on creating a “better queue and matchmaking experience, along with new, more interesting instanced PvP games.”

Recent interviews with STO executive producer Craig Zinkievich also suggest that expanded PvP features will be put in the backburner. What’s more important to Cryptic these days than letting us trade phaser fire wherever and with whoever we want? Well, Mr. Zinkievich said their top priority is to work on “big issues” and develop the Season Two update set for July.

“Over the next few months there are big issues that we want to address… Things like difficulty slider, death penalty, being able to trade and do more training with your Bridge Officers, working on Memory Alpha and expanding that as the players want to see that expanded, and, of course, more Special Task Forces coming,” Mr. Zinkievich said in an interview with

The STO producer said the Season Two update, which follows the just released Season One: Common Ground update, will have new episodes and tons of non-combat content–think crime investigation and diplomatic intervention missions similar to what we see in Star Trek TV episodes.

Now even I have to admit that sounds super cool. The thought of channeling Jean Luc-Picard almost made me forget about my urgent need to pew-pew fellow Federation captains and pillage them of their hard-earned STO energy credits. Almost.