Blood Death Knights Sentenced To Permanent Crotch Duty In Cataclysm

Blizzard has spoken and Blood Death Knights have no choice but to take the news like a (dead) man.

Ghostcrawler announced yesterday that Blood DKs are now the fourth official tank spec and will have to spend most of their raiding days at boss crotch duty. Breathe the fresh air now, boys, while you still can.

“In Cataclysm, Blood will be the death knight version of a Protection tree. It will have passive talent tree bonuses that reflect tanking. It will have tools, such as a Demoralizing Shout equivalent, necessary for tanking,” he said at the official World of Warcraft forums.

Blood DKs join Protection Warriors, Protection Paladins and Feral Bear Druids as guardians of the raid against raging boss bums. And mind you, it’s no easy task as bad positioning can cleave and sweep the raid to oblivion.

With tanking now locked to the Blood tree, Ghostcrawler said Frost and Unholy trees will now function as specialized DPS. “With Frost as a dual-wield, spell and runic power focused tree, Unholy as a disease and minion focused tree, and Blood as a self-healing, defensive cooldown, tanking tree, we think the focus of each tree is a lot clearer and cooler.”

Elitistjerks theorycrafters said Blood possessed high effective health and single-target threat generation, but lacked defensive panic buttons like a Warrior’s Shield Wall or a Paladin’s Divine Protection. Ghostcrawler said this will be addressed through the transfer of Frost and Unholy abilities. (Think Bone Shield and a Blood version of Icy Touch)

The trick is to give Blood DKs enough pawnage tools so Cataclysm rerollers find tanking attractive–despite staring at pixelized bottoms all day long.

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