SW:TOR–Harmless Force or Deadlier than the Borg?

Two million Jedi knights and Sith inquisitors–that’s the force Star Trek Online will have to deal with when Star Wars: The Old Republic launches next year, according to an industry insider.

“…Management has high hopes for [the Star Wars MMO] and believes two million plus subs is possible,” said Arvin Bhatia, analyst for brokerage firm Sterne Agee, after meeting with developer Electronic Arts as reported in an Industry Gamers article.

If it hits this target, SW:TOR will become the second biggest MMO game in the world just behind World of Warcraft (Assuming WoW maintains its estimated 10 million+ subscriber base).

Sounds impressive, but the more curious question for me is: Where will all these subscribers come from? Obviously, there will be new gamers driven solely by more Star Wars lore, but I expect a major portion to be transferees from existing MMOs.

STO players come to mind as possible switchers since the Star Wars universe shares many similarities with that of Star Trek. Alien planets, multiple races, feuding factions, space travel and laser weapons–it doesn’t take a genius to see their intersecting appeal.

STO has one ace in the hole though: the decades-old rivalry between the two franchises in sci-fi canon. Just watch this clip below from the movie Fanboys to see what I mean:

Any gamer Trekkies wanna weigh in? Will you jump ship and create a sexy Jedi Consular, or stay the course in your friggin’ awesome Sovereign class battlecruiser? (I choose both :D)

(Pic from http://followingthefan.wordpress.com/)