What, No Paladins? Patch 3.3.3 Snubs the Anointed Ones

It’s a small victory for those calling the paladins the “overpowered” class in World of Warcraft. The latest Patch 3.3.3–one of the last major updates before Cataclysm–brought no skill or talent upgrades to paladins while most other classes saw languishing specs become more competitive.

Subtlety rogues and non-arcane mages, for example, received great talent boosts that directly increased damage output.

Weapon damage multipliers for Ghostly Strike and Hemorrhage jumped by roughly half, and  improved Slaughter of the Shadows now grants a 1% scaling damage increase per rank up to a max 5% damage buff to all your attacks.

Fire mages can cast stronger Pyroblasts with Empowered Fire and Torment of the Weak now being factored in to the spell’s damage. Meanwhile, frost mages can expect larger Frostbolt damage as its spell power scaling has been increased by around 5%. Those straddling between fire and frost specs can also rejoice—Brain Freeze now makes your next Fireball or Frostfire Bolt to be instant and cost zero, i repeat, zero mana.

Death knights also gained a slew of upgrades that spanned all three specs but have the most impact on the tank-leaning Frost. Most notable are the strength buffs to Endless Winter (2/4%) and Unbreakable Armor (20% now from 10%).

Balance druids get to pew-pew more with higher damage from their primo spell Starfall. I’d list the rest down, but it’ll take forever! Just browse the full class balancing changes in the extensive patch notes from Blizzard Poster Zarhym. (Forgive me Hunters, Priests, Shammies, Warlocks and Warriors!)

Let’s get back to crazy conspiracy talk. Some pallies interpreted the patch notes snub to Blizzard no longer loving them after Wrath of the Lich King (something about discarding used pawns). But other classes put on their rose-colored glasses.

“At least you didn’t get another beheading,” they said, pointing to the string of nerfs that began with retribution paladins until the most recent stamina hotfixes to prot spec’s Sacred Duty talent. “So it’s a good thing that this patch has zero, nothing, nada for us?” asked indignant paladins.

Well, yeah. As my great grandpapa said–Better nothin’ than a bad somethin’.

(Cheeky pic via http://www.spooncraft.com/)