Respecs, Unlockable Species “For Sale” Soon in Star Trek Online

It’s been more than a month since Star Trek Online launched, and Trekkies have spun round the galaxy (and blown up tons of ships along the way). With many now reaching Admiral rank, pilots are itching to know what else they’ll be able to blow up in the next content update.

Well, Cryptic quelled the eager fan base with detailed notes on “Season One: Common Ground”. Here are the major changes you should know about:

Spend C-Points on Respecs, Character Slots and Fed Species. I don’t know if you guys find it easy to earn Cryptic Points in game (I don’t), but it seems we might be forced to buy from the store to respec our captain skills or expand our character slots beyond the default three. The playable Federation Tellarite, Pakled and Rigelian species also cost C-Points to be unlocked.

I’m a bit disappointed–these should have been free or at least cost STO energy credits instead. *Frowns like the Tellarite above*

Intra-faction PvP is a Go. There are times when I can’t find a suitable Klingon opponent, so it’s good news that us Federation pilots can fight amongst ourselves in the form of Wargames. But the real test comes when the Klingons challenge us to the new cross-faction ground assault map called “Shanty Town”.

Dress-Down Fridays in the Dock. Want a more casual atmosphere in your starship? Now your whole crew can take the chill pill as they wear off-duty outfits like those seen in the TV series. There’s even a new “Relaxed” stance to give your avatar that approachable captain look.

Guys: “We need to come up with a plan… Ooh, short skirt!!!” Spock’s Girl: “Imma cut somebody.”

24/7 Surveillance. If you’re a stalker type (or just ultra competitive), the new Captain’s Log web application will let you monitor your account, as well as your friends’ captains and their ships. Think WoW Armory equivalent in  Star Trek Online.

More Fleet Actions. Cause a ruckus in Romulan space with the “The Big Dig” or prove the True Way wrong by repelling them in “DS9 Under Siege”. Klingons who feel they grabbed the short stick when it comes to missions will, in turn, gain access to fleet actions like “Crystalline Entity” and “Breaking the Planet”.

A more comprehensive list of the Season One features can be found in the official STO forums. These are still being finalized, but expect most to make it live if all goes smoothly in Tribble.

The biggest question I have now is: When exactly is “middle of March” indicated for the release… it’s the 17th already!