New Screenshots, Section Content Uploaded in FFXIV Website

Fresh off their VanaFest 2010 bash that saw Final Fantasy XI players drooling over some pretty hefty updates, the guys at Square Enix have also released new information on their anticipated next-gen MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

While the US version site had glitches (my loading screen kept getting stuck at 96%), the EU version site worked well enough to reveal new info for us to gawk at:

Desktop-worthy screenies. Ranging from fantastic CG concept art to actual in-game stills, the new pictures posted under the “Screenshots” subsection are breathtaking. I’m a sucker for water color environments and detailed armor renditions, so it was extremely frustrating for me not to right-click and save the pics as my desktop wallpaper. Oh well, other enterprising fans will pluck these out of from the flash site so I’ll just wait for that!

Updated Disciplines section. Based onĀ  the updated Disciplines (aka Classes) section, there will be 20 disciplines all in all to master in FFXIV, five in each of the four broad categories.

For the Discliples of the Hand, there’s the:
– AlchemistBlacksmith
– Blacksmith
– Culinarian
– Tanner
– Weaver

For the Disciples of War, there’s the:
– Archer
– Lancer
– Gladiator
– Pugilist
– Marauder

The Disciples of Magic has yet to reveal any disciplines under it, but I bet a billion in-game Gil that a Summoner and a Priest will be included there. As for the Disciples of the Land, I think these will be the gathering professions like a Hunter and Trapper that provide raw materials for crafters.

Expanded race descriptions. I also found out more about the five playable races in FFXIV: the diverse Hyur, individualistic Miqo’te, spritely Lalafell, noble Elezen, and massive Roegadyn. Seems like all the races migrated to Eorzea for some reason or another, and some (like the Hyur and Elezen) have had conflicts in the past due to their contact. But trailers suggest all the races will band together to fight a “greater evil” as well monsters like jellyfish swarms and giant Molbors.

New Bestiary section. FFXIV also included a few new monsters in its Bestiary section, including the aforementioned Molbor (the Eorzean version of a Marlboro, from the looks of it). There’s also the Cactuar and Ogre that look awesome. Actually, I don’t want to hurt the cute Cactuar if only it didn’t threaten to pole me with a thousand needles. Most of the monsters depicted in the Bestiary section also indicated two primary “drops” or materials. The Antelope mob, for example, has an antelope horn and a doeskin which I think a blacksmith and a tanner, respectively, will find useful.

FFXIV is definitely oozing with elegance, so if you like a high fantasy MMO that seems to have taken the higbrow road in terms of polish, then head to the official website now!