Battlestar Galactica Now an MMO; Plus Six-y Pics!

Sci-fi gamers must be the new it-market this year. A crazy amount of top IP titles are developing games for them. There’s the just released Star Trek Online, the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and now One of the Top 100 TV series of all time?

Good times indeed.

MMO publisher Bigpoint announced the big news Monday that it will handle Battlestar Galactica Online, “a tactical space combat and adventure MMO game… [with] state of the art graphics that can be played directly in an Internet browser.”

In not so many words: an iPhone-capable pew-pew MMO.

I browsed through the list of browser games at MMO Hut and methinks BSG Online should play great, especially with the level of polish seen in other Bigpoint titles like DarkOrbit, SeaFight and Deepolis.

Focus on space combat, though, means iconic scenes like the Starbuck fight scene will be left out. But whatever happens, please please please let me control my very own Number Six. Even if it means having thousands of Abs-pollo characters hitting on me–I don’t care!

Now, now girls don’t hate on Number Six just cause she towers over you and can seduce a man to betray his whole race. She’s a Cylon you know, and it just comes with the whole package.

Anyway, for those of you near the sunny San Francisco area, you have until March 13 to visit the Games Developer Conference 2010 where BSG Online is being featured. We’ll give you game shots as soon as we get them as well, but until then, enjoy the next best thing to cheap STO energy credits–pouty pics of Number Six!