VanaFest 2010 Reveals Level Cap Raise, New Scenarios in FFXI

Final Fantasy XI players have been at their wits’ end trying to confirm¬† rumors their beloved game is shutting down this year as resources and key developers get re-assigned to Final Fantasy XIV, the upcoming MMO from Square Enix.

But all those fears were dispelled in the just concluded VanaFest 2010, an annual gathering for FFXI in Japan. Square Enix revealed new updates lined up for the eight-year old game–and not just minor hotfixes and a handful of new quests. Think 24 additional character levels, profession overhauls and three add-on scenarios!

We think raising the level cap from 75 to 99 is a cute nod to the Final Fantasy  tradition of keeping characters just shy of level 100.

But max-level players familiar with the difficult progression of FFXI (compared to World of Warcraft and other MMOs where gaining xp is “easier”) expressed reluctance in grinding two dozen more levels. But Square Enix promised the path to 99 will not be a grind with new quests being added to the Wings of the Goddess expansion and three lore-heavy add-on scenarios.

The official website for the three add-on scenarios is already up and appear to take place in the parallel world of Abyssea. Despite the new content that could attract old and new players to subscribe, Square Enix said server merges will be implemented in a March version update.

“To streamline server maintenance and provide our users with a more unified gaming environment, the March version update will see the merger and integration of certain low-population Worlds,” Square Enix said.

Click on the pic below for a handy roadmap of the game changes this year.

If you’re craving for the nitty gritty details on these updates, then head to the official VanaFest 2010 website. Seems like our Vana’diel adventures are far from over so save up on FFXI Gil, guys!