DC Universe Online! Stargate Worlds goes bye, bye and Aion luuuurv!

Oh boy, I started this post nearly two hours ago, had writer’s block, started up Star Trek Online, now 2,000 sto energy credits, and several burning Klingon Bird of Prey carcasses later, I’m back. I feel all fired up!

*slips Karate Kid II into the PS3*… what? I like part II!

Before we leave Star Trek Online for good this week, I’d like to leave you with this truly awesome trailer for the latest Borg-centric content pack, I mean look at it! If that doesn’t make you want to fire up the game and pilot a starship I don’t know what will. Actually, I think  that really should have been their launch trailer, it makes the game look stupendously impressive (it’s still fun, just not quite as action packed as that trailer might suggest). Whassis about new content I hear you ask? Why it’s the Borg you see, they’re coming… again.

What’s that I hear? Low bandwidth?Can’t be bothered to wait for a video to load? Fear not, here are some screenshots from the expansion to make you salivate, mmmmm….. Borrrrrrrrg!

A game as pretty as Aion lends itself rather nicely to the “printscreen” button, and its one-shots are among some of the most beautiful you’ll find on a site like Massively, which is why I was quietly pleased that NCsoft decided to hold a screenshot contest as part of their Valentines Day celebrations. You can find the winning entries here, d’awwwwww! ‘Ain’t that cuuuute? I wonder how many erm… NSFW entries they got though? I think I like one titled “Kiss, Kiss”, best of all, although the comic is pretty creative.

HULKAGEDDON News! Well, it’s not exactly riveting stuff, but I’ll take any opportunity I can get to write about HULKAGEDDON, and Massively have provided just that with the latest Eve Online Quarterly Economic Newsletter, which aims, in part, to show the effects of the notorious player created event (wherin pirates target mining barges called Hulks).

It would seem the gods at Sony Online Entertaiment have heard by silent plea, and have deemed us mere mortals fit to receive a second, totally awesome, and particularly heroic Q&A promo video for DC Universe Online. Hera be praised! Seriously though, I really am pleased with this, I like these fan driven videos and I’ve still got hope that DCUO will be a worthy addition to the MMO-verse and a great action MMORPG for gamers looking for something a bit more fast paced than WoW.

But enough talk, have at the video here! Erm, guys, how about some gameplay for the next vid?  And why, oh why does it seem that the more we find out about this game the less we know about it? And whatever happened to SOE’s The Agency anyway?

Don’t say I didn’t say it would happen, but it would appear that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the guys developing Stargate Worlds, have filed for bankruptcy. The writing’s been on the wall for a while now, what with CME seeming to have endless cash flow issues, and seemingly never making any progress on the game. Alarm bells went off about a month ago when they announced that they were going to put Stargate Worlds on the back burner while they worked on a stupendously lame looking first person shooter instead.

I guess this means the closes gamers will get to Worlds will probably have to be the sneak peek in the Stargate Universe pilot. Stargate’s a great license though, in fact it’s kind of a wonder there hasn’t been a decent game made using the IP yet. Perhaps well see a similar situation with what happened with Star Trek Online when Perpetual Entertainment went belly up and Cryptic came in with a bucket full of wow gold and bought the license. Of course, the sci-fi MMO space is getting a bit crowded, what with STO, Eve Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the way.

Come now, you didn’t think I’d finish up the post without mentioning that Blizzcast #13 is available! *right click, download and save file*

Okay, Danliel san’s about to take on Sato’s newphew at the temple, second best scene in the movie (after Daniel and Kumiko’s courtship in the storm) so I gotta get off here, jump around for a bit, put some coffee on the boil and maaaaybe eat a donut… or five.


– The Astounding Bloom Box (in case you’ve been living under a rock or something).

– Also, I realise I’m a little late with this, but holy mother of BROCK! Venture Bros. toys are coming!