Random Battlegrounds Coming to World of Warcraft

Idle time in World of Warcraft is going the way of the dodo.

It began with the launch of the random dungeon finder that made grouping for 5-man instances easy as pie. No more waiting  at a dungeon entrance while others made their way to you. Just a simple button press and servers now assemble your team automatically while you scan the auction house or do your daily quests.

Upcoming Patch 3.3.3 hopes to bring the same efficiency in PvP queuing with the creation of a random battlegrounds finder. And yes, I look forward to abusing it till I earn honor for a 300 resilience gear set!

Now, let me illustrate how this tool is a godsend. Every day, I try to finish the battleground daily to net additional WoW gold, experience and honor. When I get Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin, it only takes ten minutes on average to get a match going.

But when I get Eye of the Storm or Strands of the Ancient, I can wait up to five hours and still not see the inside of a battleground! Lack of player interest in both battlegrounds stems from better honor gains–and fun!–in others like Alterac Valley, which can give 700-1,000 honor for every win at the level 70-79 bracket.

The random battlegrounds finder will allow players to spread out, with Blizzard doling out great incentives for doing so. Each random battlegrounds will yield bonus honor and 25 arena points, which can be spent on high-level PvP gear.

Blizzard has been mum though if each random will also award WoW Gold, hinting only at the possibility. I say shower us with coin so I can lay down fish feasts and crush Hordies with our well fed buff!