Aion Group Downs Tahabata (Yay!)… Gets Blue Helm (Boo!)

PvE progression may not be as cutthroat yet in Aion compared to established games like World of Warcraft, but it’s coming along nicely with the recent downing of Tahabata, the final boss in the Dark Poeta dungeon.

NCSoft reports that a multi-Legion group on Ariel server downed the three-headed dragon in one of its S rank attempts. Dark Poeta, the lair of Tahabata, is a level 50 zone and requires Daevas to purchase temporal stones before entering the instanced dungeon.

Forgiven, an Asmodian ranger who tanked for the successful six-man group, has posted a thread detailing their journey. It includes the full team list and  a couple of kill videos for those who want to learn the strats.

The ironic thing was Tahabata only dropped a blue-quality helm–underwhelming compared to the group’s effort, which included farming crafted fire resist gear and multiple kill attempts ending at ~5% remaining health.

Many expected far more epic loot, but I guess people just have to chock this up to the notoriously low drop rate in Aion. As more downings occur, NCSoft could bump up the drop rate of  gold-quality items to make it worth the effort. But until then, I’ll just leave the bragging rights to progression leets and just focus on getting a crafting proc for a sellable gold piece.

Aion Kinah for the win!