STO Trekkin’, and World of Modern Warfare…craft

Ugh! My STO energy credits situation is still pretty dire. I still can’t afford a new ship, not even close actually. I’m thinking maybe I ought to just bite the bullet and spend a day or two grinding over at Starbase 24, score some loot and then sell it off at Earth Starbase. Like I said, I dunno what it is about the way I play RPG’s in general, but I tend to progress so damn slow, it’s been nearly two weeks and I still haven’t cracked Lieutenant Commander. Woe is me.

In the words of the immortal Chris Farley, Oh my freakin’ gourd! It’s a full theatrical trailer for The Last Airbender! For three years or so my brother tried to get me to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender (no relation to the cinematic juggernaut currently ripping the box office a new one), but I refused, I thought (in my ignorance) it looked like a Dragonball Z redux… how wrong I was, it’s easily one of the best cartoons of the past decade, and the fact that there’s a movie coming, well, I’m tickled pink… a very manly shade of pink, mind you.

Back to Star Trek Online news for a moment, I bought TWO collectors editions for the game, one Digital Deluxe Edition from Steam to play, and the other from Amazon to hold and to have… at least until the price appreciated tenfold, Blizzard-style. I suppose I should give up any hopes of ever becoming a high powered financial advisor then, because the STO collectors edition is currently doing the exact opposite of appreciating in value. It’s now available for sixty five smackers, down from eighty just a couple of weeks ago. *Sigh*.

Speaking of the STO collectors edition, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth taking the plunge, Massively’s got an unboxing so you can see for yourself what it looks like. Personally, the only thing that really gets my blood pumping is the metal communicator badge, which looks like it’s well made. Aside from that, it’s probably one of the lamest physical collectors editions for a major MMO release, no holographic galaxy map? C’mon guys!

*runs off to put a pot of coffee on the boil*

Valentines Day creeps ever closer, which means lots of in-game events, which everyone loves because, well, they’re a change of pace for a normally static MMO environment. Safe to say Blizzard does ‘em best, but I’m curious what Cryptic have planned for STO (assuming they’ve got anything planned).

The guys at Fallen Earth certainly have something unique planned, they’re asking players to send them poetry, yes, I said poetry. Submit your entries up until February 14th, and the team will decide which warms their cockles the most, and award the burgeoning Tennyson with a T-shirt and a valentine from the team. Touching. I really wish Fallen Earth had a free trial, I kinda want to give the game a go.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not a WoW noob, but you might still be interested to hear that only 30% of World of Warcraft trial accounts make it past level 10. Now, everywhere I’ve seen, this story’s painted things in a negative light, combining the stat with the one that WoW’s subscriber  base seems to have plateaued in 2008, but isn’t turning three out of every ten demo trialists into a paying subscriber really good? Shows you what I know I suppose.

I’m not entirely sure how I missed this one, but it’s really cool. We saw with Fallen Earth a few weeks ago how the developers were giving the ol’ game engine a bit of a spit and polish, and we know CCP have been doing the same with Eve Online for years now, Age of Conan had the DX10 upgrade, and now NCsoft are giving City of Heroes‘ graphics an overhaul. It’s definitely a welcome trend, and one we’d like to see more of going forward.

We’ve heard rumors of this in the past, and it’s something franchise star developer Infinity Ward have moved to distance themselves from in the past, but Activision is apparently still trying to find a way to further monetise the Call of Duty franchise. And they’re looking at a subscription based model. Now, on it’s own this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to see a Call of Duty MMO, but given the recent launch of MAG (which really should qualify as an MMO seeing as how it’s battles encompass a larger number of players than your average STO Fleet Action), you can’t help but wonder whether Activision is going to leverage some of the expertise of the guys at Blizzard to help them craft a COD MMO.

You have to wonder though, will this be the moment the franchise jumps the shark? Will gamers (console gamers especially) really be willing to pay a monthly fee to play Call of Duty? Or will they just move on to Medal of Honor or Battlefield: Bad Company?


– God of War II: Chaos Will Rise trailer.