Aion 2.0 Landing in Korea Soon; Bayonetta Envies Blade Girls

Nothing whets my gaming appetite more than good ol’ gossip so it was a tasty treat reading the rumors for Aion 2.0, the still unnamed first expansion of Aion. According to this grapevine article, Aion 2.0 will be released this month (Korea gets first dibs, many assume) and that it has substantial updates such as a new level 55 cap.

Daevas who’ve maxed out their levels cheered at having their xp gains mean something again. But Aion gamers are asking for easier leveling–or more  dungeons to make the grind seem faster.

I kinda agree with this. The curve can be smoothened out in the mid-to-upper levels (30+). So shoot me, but after two hours of no-bathroom -breaks questing I just want to hear that ding.

Aside from the new level cap, there’s also speculation on substantial  content for Aion 2.0. This includes:
– a new talent system
– additional world and Abyss maps
– a “water world” dungeon
– level 60 manastones

There was no mention of new gear, but it’s pretty given to have more stuff to fill those stones in. My advice for you packrats is to grab as much Aion Kinah as you can so when Aion 2.0 hits, you’ll be the first rocking those  babies in the battlefield.

NCSoft is keeping mum while rumors are making their rounds in forums and blogs. Either nothing has been finalized or just a case of a developer turning leaks into gamer buzz. One thing that’s sure though is that NCSoft is hard at work with Aion and  their other titles as well.

Blade & Soul, a martial-arts MMO, is entering its first closed beta soon with an expected release date in 2011 alongside Guild Wars 2. These two games will try to steal the thunder from upcoming releases such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV.

The Blade girls look amazing in their stills (see right), but to see them in action is like a small miracle captured in my 22″ screen. Bayonetta, that jealous witch, called EpicToon–she wants her trampy look back!