Death of the Lich King, Fallout New Vegas Teaser, More Star Trek Online

Okay, I have thus far managed to accrue a measly 8,000 energy credits in Star Trek Online, I’m also only just on Lt. Rank 7 after a solid week of playing. Why am I so darn slow at levelling and getting currency in MMO’s? I’m eyeing a ship upgrade, but at 150,000 energy credits, it’s a far, far way off. I just need to remind myself of those early days playing wow when all I had was 10 wow gold and that sweet mount seemed so far away. I got there eventually.

I have to say that over my first week of play with STO I’ve been suitably impressed with performance and sever stability and reliability. Sure there’s down time, sure there are queues occasionally to get in, but by and large I haven’t had too many issues (especially since I rolled back my Nvidia drivers since the client was having issues with the latest ones). That isn’t to say there aren’t problems though, as folks flooding the official forums banging on about not getting their Digital Deluxe Edition add-ons and raging against the server down time will tell you, but by and large it’s been a lot less painless than I expected.

It remains to be seen just how Cryptic will handle what must surely be their most successful MMO ever. Only last week they touted the signing up of over a million accounts on their web page (curiously not mentioning the number of pre-orders though). There have been grumblings of discontent from folks about the lack of Klingon PVP, but it’s important that Cryptic don’t lose focus and execute on their 45 day post-launch content plan, if there’s anything we know about MMO’s, it’s that gamers will burn through content like there’s no tomorrow, and then they’ll turn on the devs! For now though, Cryptic are still enjoying a well deserved “Honeymoon period”.

For anyone else struggling, like me, to make it through the Lieutenant grades, might I point you to Massively’s helpful article on the subject.

Squeee! Squeee! First ever teaser trailer for Fallout: New Vegas. I can’t claim to have been a long time Fallout fan, I only jumped on the bandwagon with Bethesda’s entry into the series (I’ve since downloaded Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 from the excellent I had logged over one hundred hours into Fallout 3 before my save file went belly up, I’m starting over and hoping to get through that, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta before New Vegas hits in the fall, tall order, I know.

It’s true it’s a really short teaser, but we can gather some information from it at least. From the title, “New Vegas”, we can surmise that Las Vegas has probably been rebuilt following the apocalypse. From the distance it does appear as though the city is in relatively good shape, but it’s impossible to say for sure. It’s also valid to guess that this entry in the series will have you exploring the more intimate confines of the city of Vegas, a la Take Two’s Bioshock than it will have you traipsing across the vast empty wasteland of Washington DC as we did in Fallout 3.

Though it’s being released by the same publisher (Bethesda), the game is also likely to have it’s own completely unique gameplay systems, as the developer Obsidian¬† is being given plenty of free reign. Obsidian, also currently developing the spy themed RPG, Alpha Protocol, is comprised of former Black Isle Studios vets, RPG fans will remember that name as Black Isle created the original Fallout 1 and 2, as well as Planescape Torment and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. In a sense the franchise is returning to its spiritual home, and based on what we’ve seen so far and Obsidian’s track record (which includes Knights of the Old Republic II) then RPG fans are in for a heck of a ride this fall.

Death of the tyrant. The Lich King Falls. Far be it from me to suggest that the mighty Blizzard are in a state of panic, but don’t you find it um… convenient that the Fall of the Lich King was scheduled to coincide with the launching of a certain Star Trek Online? Curious yes?

Okay, SPOILER ALERT! The following link will take you to a video of the cinematic that plays once you defeat the Lich King. Since I’m currently struggling through Burning Crusade, I know it’ll be years till I get to see this, so I didn’t mind spoiling myself. [LINK]<– View at your own peril! That said, it’s infinitely cool, Cataclysm seems a heck of a lot closer now!

*Random thought: How about some interesting new Star Wars: The Old Republic news eh, Bioware?


The best Star Trek Online bug was present in the beta. Sometimes you would beam down to a planets surface… as your ship.