Star Trek Aims For Guinness World Record at Millenium (Starfleet) Bridge

If you have no getaway plans on Valentine’s Day, live near London, and have a spare Starfleet uniform hanging in your closet, then the developers of Star Trek Online want to recruit you.

The mission? Break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters. To be held just after noon at the iconic Millenium Bridge, the record attempt promises to be an uber-gathering for Trekkies.

Klingon and Borg wannabes will have to brush up on their make-up and prosthetic craft skills, though, at least if they want to win the nifty lifetime subscriptions and Star Trek DVDs. (Sadly, no hard-to-earn STO energy credits are up for grabs.)

It puzzled me at first why the record try was being held in London as opposed to a more cosplay-friendly country like Japan. But a little digging revealed the bustling gaming scene of London, as seen these videos of the annual London MCM (movie-comic-media) Expo.

Lore Trekkies will also point out that England is a more than fitting location  story-wise, as two notable Starfleet officers hail from this country.

These promotional events for the just released Star Trek Online MMO is comforting news for fans, making up for the small hiccups that came with the open beta and launch. EpicToon blogger Chris Coker shares his latest forays with the STO game, so read up and greet him a happy birthday as well.