Star Trek Online beta impressions, Fallout MMO, and a WoW Magazine

Do you, Gamer, take  this game, Star Trek Online, to be your lawfully wedded MMO, to quest and to loot, to raid and to craft, in beta and at launch, never forsaking, for as long as you both shall game?

Ah the lifetime subscription. It signifies the holy bond between gamer and publisher. I bring this up because on my regular rounds lurking about various gaming forums and the official Cryptic forums, I’ve noticed a surprisingly large number of folks opting to take the plunge on Cryptic’s latest, laying down 240 aion kinah for a lifetime subscription and all its associated benefits. Me? I thought about it, and I’m a huge Trekkie, but Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming next year, and well, Cryptic ain’t got nothing on Bioware.

That isn’t to say that STO’s open beta has been a disaster, far from it in my opinion. In the very early days of the beta there might have been a host of issues that really irked folks, but as we’ve neared the end of the open beta, Cryptic has been pretty diligent about rolling g out patches and updates to squash bugs.  Changes to streamline the interface, improve performance, banish crashes to desktop and general polish have been implemented. There’s even a fancy new cinematic that plays when you first create a Federation character.

The general consensus seems to be that there’s no consensus… but then isn’t that the way it is with all MMO’s, even the mighty World of Warcraft? Most folks though, do seem to agree that Star Trek Online has a lot of promise, Cryptic’s work in respecting the franchise, and its gameplay decisions, specifically in the realm of space combat have been exemplary. However, there’s also a lot of doubt about whether Cryptic have the nuos to maximise the potential of the IP, and expand enough on the base of the game they’ve created to make it truly great. Really, only time will tell, but I for one am rooting for them.

If you haven’t had a chance to check the game out, and you can miraculously get your hands on a beta key, you have until tonight at 6pm PST today to go for a jaunt around the Sirius Sector.

TOR ALERT! New lore video! Man, it really looks like EA and Bioware are pulling out all the stops to challenge WoW with The Old Republic. Of course, there’s always the chance that Actiblizzion will throw a damper on Bioware’s party by announcing their next MMO the day TOR launches.  Blizzivision are kinda sneaky that way.

So it looks like we’re actually going to get a Fallout MMO, and it looks like it’s not going to be Bethesda making the game. Interplay have apparently made definitive agreements with Bulgarian developer Masthead, artisans behind another in-development post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game, Earthrise… weird no? I continue to be skeptical about this whole situation, Interplay have… well they’ve gone down the crapper over the past decade and a half, and handing over development duties on a franchise as beloved and potentially lucrative as Fallout to a first time developer just doesn’t seem wise. I should add here that the release of Earthrise has already been pushed back once, from late ’09 to sometime in 2010, not a good sign.

*random thought* When are we finally going to get definitive word on an MMO from Bethesda?

You know it wasn’t quite the other day I was wondering why on earth SOE seemed to have completely gone on an information blackout regarding anything related to two of their most high profile in-development MMO’s, The Agency, and DC Universe Online. It would seem that we’re (hopefully) starting to reach a stage where we’ll start to see and hear more info. It would be great to see a new gameplay vid, but for now the team has posted  a 10 minute Q&A session on Facebook that should get your juices all… juicy again. The physics stuff sounds good, and definitely different from anything we’ve seen in an MMO before.

By the way, Mr. Russell Gusto, first poster in that vid’s comment section, you sir, have a cool name, you too Tubby Zillinger, if that is indeed your real name.

If for some bizarre reason you required further proof than 15 million subscribers that World of Warcraft ruled the world, now it has its own magazine. I kid you not. Subscribe now for only $39.95 a year (:eek! Er, can’t I just pay in wow gold instead?

Before I go, I’ll point you in the general direction of the latest Aion “Eye on Communty”,  topics discussed include, among others, gender change and plastic surgery. Again, I kid you not.

Welp, that’s it for me, I’m off to make me some pancakes. Pancakes is goooooood brain food :)