STO beta impressions, Aion’s double XP and developer New Year’s resolutions.

Holy Jem’Hadar Batman! I’m totally playing the Star Trek Online beta! After a weekend of stocking up on wow gold and phat lewt (which I’ll be hogging in preparation for the upcoming scarcity of such during the Chinese New Year… starting February 14th) I went out on Monday to see Sherlock Holmes (awesome) and was delighted to get home and find that my STO beta download was complete. These are the voyages…

After a quick 200MB patch, I leapt into the character creator, which is stupendously detailed. Apart from Champions Online, I don’t think there’s an MMO character creator that comes anywhere close to touching this.

Shortly thereafter I was in-game… and that’s where I ran into my first roadblock. If you’re unlucky (and there seem to be many of us) then you’re using an Nvidia board, and STO doesn’t seem to play nice with them. You’ll be subjected to extreme stuttering during ground missions (the game’s smooth as silk in space).  I suffered so you don’t have to, here are a couple of things you could try that helped me:

  • Roll back your drivers to 190.62. Yes, it sucks majorly, but this seems to work for most.
  • If you’re like me and you’re too lazy to roll back those drivers, then you might consider the solution mentioned in this post, it fixed my issues nicely.

Even if you get the stuttering issue fixed though, this being a beta there are tons of other problems, one of the most humorous being the bizarre appearance of your character model in space rather than your ship after a loading screen, or the converse, a teeny version of your ship floating about the hallways of a Starbase.

Despite these issues, Cryptic do seem to have the basics of a great game on their hands, and the in-game community, at least for now, appears to be extremely patient and helpful should you be unable to tell a photon torpedo from a deflector dish. It’s also worth noting that Cryptic have been scrambling like mad to accommodate the unexpected influx of players, and have outlined this week as one which will see lots of major and minor changes, many of them outlined in the game’s first ever “state of the game” address. You know the game’s real when you finally get one of those eh?

But let’s leave the cold vastness of space for a moment shall we, and focus on the goings on in Atreia shall we? First, the boring news, Aion’s got a new producer in Chris “Kinslon” Hager, which is all very fascinating but I doubt many could care less not that we aren’t happy for Kinslon, he brings with him experience from working on Guild Wars and Lineage II, but… eh, hard to get excited.

This next bit of news is marginally more exciting, but only if you’re one of the winners, you see, NCsoft have announced the winners of the recent Solorium Video Contest. I wager it would be even more exciting for the winners if they’d won some Aion Kinah, or maybe a lifetime supply of those little soft candy hamburgers…

Anyway, what I imagine will be of much more interest to wider spectrum of Aion players, is a double XP weekend. Double XP? That’s good stuff. Server details, times and dates at the link.

*YES! Speed just came on TV! Go Keanu! Go!!*

DC Universe Online is getting a comic book adaptation. It makes sense doesn’t it? The details are sparse at the moment, but IGN does have an interview with Executive editor Dan Dido with some basic information. You have to wonder though, how good can a weekly comic book really be? I mean… unless they’ve got some tremendous lead time for each publication, that doesn’t leave much time to spend on quality artwork and writing. Still, I would like to be proven wrong.

Hellgate London LIVES!



*sound of silence*

Fine, be that way. But it won’t change the fact that HanbitSoft (who?) have acquired the rights to the game internationally (I didn’t even know the servers were still running) and are apparently planning on relaunching the game worldwide. So um, yay?

Duder, patch notes. Dungeons and Dragons Online. Update 3. Go. Now. Schwing!

Despite a seven minute long walkthrough late last year, Age of Conan’s first expansion, Rise of the Godslayer is still kind of a mystery, which is why Funcom’s pulling back the curtain, albeit very slowly. Have a look at some of the grogeous concept art they’ve treated us to via Massively.

Is it a bad sign that less than a month in, I can’t even remember what my New Year’s resolution was, or even if I made on at all? Let’s hope videogame developers take things like that more seriously. Tentonhammer’s put up a really interesting feature in which they asked a bunch of MMO developers what their New Year’s resolutions (related to their games) were. It’s great reading.

And my time’s up. I end just as Keanu “shoots the hostage”.  I’ve got some home made donuts and a double dose of coffee to down before work. You folks have a good day, and if you manage to get into the STO beta, cut Cryptic some slack, they’re on the case! Annnnnnnd… I’m out.


Nom! Nom! Nom!.