Star Trek Online Beta, Prelim Mirkwood Patch Notes, and… WoW Movie?

WAR! Huh! Whaaat is it good for!?

Sorry, I just got done watching Rush Hour 2… again. I gotta tell you, I love multi-tasking, I’m watching TV, playing Dragon Age, surfing the net, and eating a bagel, all at once, if only any of this was in some way productive. I’m also contemplating re-animating my long-dormant high-level WoW character to stock up on some goods pre-Chinese New Year (I know we’ve got time till Feb 14, but it doesn’t hurt to beat the inevitable rush for wow gold and items brought on by the unavoidable lack of stock that time of year).

Also, I’m still downloading the Star Trek Online open beta, which it turns out is 10GB via Steam, I’m sitting pretty at 40% right now. If you haven’t been able to get a hold of a free beta key (which would be something of an accomplishment seeing as Cryptic’s made over 15,000 available in the past week, then you might want to hit up Cryptic’s list of sites where you can get a beta key, just click here, then scroll down to the first question on the FAQ list.

If you’ve just started on the beta, and are looking for some quick tips, Massively’s got a few you might want to gloss over, it’s actually pretty useful little writeup that goes a long way to outlining how different STO is from your traditional MMO.

If you still can’t get a key, or just don’t feel up to the 10GB download, but want to see what all the fuss is about, Giant Bomb’s been doing an extended quick look series on STO. Part one‘s here, part two is here, and part three should be out some time later today.

*OH SNAP! Beastmaster’s on! The movie, not the crappy TV show. You know, there really ought to be a Beastmaster MMO…*

Fallen Earth, from Utopian to post apocalyptic, nice segue don’t you think? Well it seems that last week’s graphical overhaul was just the beginning. I must admit I’m impressed at how quickly the team seem to be attending to the game’s issues, this time lighting and shadows have been the beneficiary of the ol’ spit n’ polish, have a look. Huge difference huh?

For those of you bummed about the recent news that you Star Wars: The Old Republic won’t hit this year, cheer up, in a forum post making the sad news official, Bioware also let us know that while the game won’t launch this year, testing of the game is in fact scheduled for 2010, you know, I can live with that.

Hoooooooold the phone! It’s Patch Note TIME! Well, not really, it’s prelim patch notes time. Siege of Mirkwood is only about a month old, but Turbine ain’t restin’ on their laurels, as evidenced by these patch notes, which, we’re warned, might change at before release.

NCsoft have got to be pleased with their latest baby, months after release, they’re still raking in the aion kinah hand over fist (what does that even mean!?) a quick look at the Steam weekly sales charts shows the game still sitting pretty at the number nine spot, unsurprisingly STO is a lot higher at number three, we’ll see how that changes in the last couple of weeks leading up to release on February 2nd.

Finally, a word on World of Warcraft, first, there’s the news of an update to the Armory (finally!) that allows folks to view their models in full glorious 3D, complete with camera controls, animations and more, full list of changes here.

If you’re a movie buff you’ve probably heard the news that Sony have done the right thing and decided to shelve work on Spider-Man 4, letting go of director Sam Raimi and stars Tobey Mcguire (yay!) and Kirsten Dunst (super-yay!) They’re looking to re-boot the franchise and start over with an entirely new team, which means Sam Raimi’s directorial slate just got a whole lot less cluttered. And hey, what else does ol’ Sammy have lined up? Oh yeah, that would be a cinematic adaptation of World of Warcraft! There haven’t been any official announcements yet, but it does seem to make sense that Spidey’s downfall could mean the WoW movie gets fast tracked :)


Eve Online ships in the real world… pretty amazing.