Star Trek Online Beta, The Old Republic Launch Window Rumored and… WoW!

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, a croissant and a tall glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast. There are few better ways to start the day. Oh, and of course the requisite episode of Star Trek (The Original Series this time) running in the background. I figured since I plan on getting my STO on shortly, I should brush up on the early years of Federation exploration.

Yes ladies and gents, it seems like it’s taken forever, but if you plonked down some hard earned wow gold and pre-ordered yourself a copy of Star Trek Online, you should be able to get into the open beta starting today. After a sort period where I couldn’t even log into the Star Trek Online website earlier today, I managed to activate my Amazon pre-order key and am now waiting impatiently for the nearly 8GB client to get done downloading, I understand there’s a 2GB patch to be had after that as well, my ISP is definitely gonna have a cow. But… I’ll be a happy man.

So, considering it’s all going down today, dear WoW, WAR, Aion and other fantasy buffs, you’ll forgive if this post is perhaps a little Trekk-riffic!

Before we get to trekkin’ though, let’s cover everything else. First is this lovely little rumor from Shacknews, which states that EA’s head honcho, lord of the manor, and king of the castle, John Riccitiello stated in a recent conference call, stated the following;

One key driver is going to be the launch date of our major MMO. As it stands today, the team is making great progress towards a Spring 2011 launch. But given the volatility of this particular sector and the fact that we haven’t yet provided a specific launch date, at least for now, we’re excluding the revenue, or will be excluding the revenue, from our FY11 plans yadda yadda…

Okay, so maybe he didn’t quite trail off like that, but you get the idea. Hmmm… what major MMO could Electronic Arts be talking about here? Hmm… could it be…. Warhammer Online 2: WAR: What is it Good For? No, no… that’s not it… ah yes, one Star Wars: The Old Republic!

On the face of it, this news might seem, at least on the face of it, to be a little disappointing, as most folks were probably hoping that The Old Republic would be ready by the end of the year so they could get their mitts on it. However, I’m thinking considering the ambitious nature of TOR, full voice acting, fully fleshed out companion characters a la Dragon Age: Origins, you have to think the extra development time will be worth it, especially if it means we get more content and a more polished game at launch.

In truth the 2011 date gives me confidence that EA really does see this as their answer to World of Warcraft, they do seem to have stepped up their assault on Activision’s dominance of late, what with the revamped Medal of Honor taking on the Call of Duty franchise directly.

Do you have a long dormant Age of Conan character under level 20? Does that sub-level 20 character have tons of aoc gold and phat-lewt on it? Well if you’re not careful, you could be on the end of a surprise character deletion by Funcom. What? Conan gotta eat!

While AoC is deleting players, Eve Online is celebrating a new record for concurrent users, CCP have announced a new concurrent users recordĀ  of 56,021, which occurred on January 10th. I wonder if everyone logged on to be part of… HULKAGEDDON II!

Everyone loves a good, juicy rumor, and this latest is particularly succulent. Blue News is carrying a story that French gaming site, NoFrag, is reporting that Blizzard’s follow up to World of Warcraft will be… a futuristic MMO first person shooter, with a cyber punk theme and social/lifestyle elements similar to The Sims Online. Frankly, I don’t even know what that means, I don’t even know if I like how that sounds. Well, I like the cyber punk part, I don’t think we have enough of those with good art direction, but I have no idea what to make of the social/lifestyle gameplay stuff. Blizzcon 2010 maybe?

AHEM! So, Star Trek Online beta stuff:

Getting the beta client: If you’ve got your beta key, you’re going to want to go here, enter it, and begin the download process. If you can avoid it, you don’t want to use the official Cryptic downloader as it’s painfully slow, if the store you pre-ordered with doesn’t offer a download of the client (Amazon doesn’t for instance) then your best bet is Fileplanet (yuck). If you do use FP, then be sure to get a hold of the Fileplanet download manager, so you can pause and resume.

Where to go for video: YouTube’s Hailing Frequency, and Jupiter Broadcasting Station are great places to go for frequent, unofficial videos. Jupiter Broadcasting also runs STOked, the best Star Trek Online podcast around.


Required Reading: Path to 2409, be sure to start from the last page and work to the first.

… And I’m spent. I’m off to go see if I can get some Dragon Age: Origins playtime in before reporting to the HQ.


– Because I’m feeling particularly chipper, “party all the time.”