The Last EpicToon Blog of the Decade!

It’s not the big meals that cause you to pack on the pounds at Christmas, it’s all that incessant snacking that does it. Every fifteen minutes it seems there’s a reason to chow down on something sweet, sugary, fatty or fizzy.

Ten minutes after Christmas lunch… “dessert anyone?” Fifteen minutes later some relatives arrive, “hey, you guys feel like some Christmas pudding?”, “well sure Chris, as long as you join us!”. Ten minutes after that there’s a game on, you know what goes great with football? Yup, snacks… and beer, but to be fair beer goes with everything, even more beer.

Before you know it you’re ten pounds heavier and it’s lunch time. It doesn’t help that there’s absolutely no reason to actually go outside and be, you know, active, what with half the country choosing this time of year to flood the malls in desperate search of post-Christmas bargains.

And all that brings us to today, a day that sees the very last EpicToon blog of the decade, which sounds awfully special and kinda dramatic… until you realise that the next decade begins on Friday.

It’s the holidays, which means there’s not very much news to be had, but let’s see what we can find as we scrape the bottom of the pre-New Years gaming stories… ah! Here’s one… no wait, that’s just a story about online gambling.

Ah! Here we go, so if you’ve been wondering just how much effort Bioware have been putting into differentiating their Star Wars: The Old Republic characters, in particular the villains of the Dark Side’s Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior, you might want to take a look at their latest Developer Dispatch diary, which details the team’s thought process and methodology. Personally, I think the Sith Inquisitor class sounds and looks pretty darn interesting, I rarely roll “evil” in games, even when given the choice in RPG’s like Mass Effect and Fallout 3, but the story possiblities for the Sith classes in SW: ToR have me rethinking my goody-two-shoes stance, hey Bioware, when do we get a release date eh?

What we do have a release date for is Star Trek Online, and if you’re more interested in Star Trekkin’ around the universe rather than dominating Jedi and scaring little children for their lunch munny, then the first two parts of’s in-depth look at the game’s mechanics is likely to tickle your fancy. Part one focuses on missions, PvE, aesthetics and more, part two focuses on the skill system, character progression and bridge officers.

In further STO news, there’s an interview with Crytic Studios COO Jack Emeret in which he discusses quite candidly the reasoning behind a lot of the more contentious decisions made by the Star Trek Online team, admitting that time and budget constraints have made it impossible to create the Star Trek game they would have wanted at launch, which meant Cryptic have had to focus on making the best game they could, rather than bite off more than they could chew and end up satisfying no one. I’ve maybe been a little hard on STO recently, this interview made me see things from the developer point of view and from there omissions like ship interiors make sense, one only hopes these things are addressed post launch.

And with that folks, we bring the naughties to a close. I’m off to see if I can get just a little but fatter before my root canal tomorrow.

Seriously though, we’d like to thank you folks for sticking with us and reading the blog so diligently over the last five months, we’re hoping you’ll stick with us for a long while yet!


Monica and Ross boogie on down at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve.