A Very Merry Christmas, From The EpicToon Gang!

Hot dang, it’s Christmas! Gifts have been opened, mince pies, cinnamon rolls, angel delight, gingerbread and snow-tip cookies, as well as champagne’s, beers and wines of various vintages consumed. Wrapping paper litters the floor, and all that’s left intact (for now) are the stockings and a few Christmas crackers… and yet, the news rolls on!

Stargate: Worlds has officially been put on the back burner. It comes as little surprise really given the games torturous development history, but this is the first time that developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has actually come out and given us a real update on what’s going on, and yet we had to wait till an interview with fansite GateWorld, where the development team was discussing the new first person shooter, Stargate: Resistance, to find this out;

Since we are privately funded, our investment group felt very strongly that a title be released within a short time frame. But with funding dropped so low, there was no way at the time to finish Stargate: Worlds within that time frame, in any capacity that would serve fans or the game well. So, building and releasing Stargate: Resistance became the best option for Cheyenne, and its investors, to ride out the economic wave, and keep Stargate: Worlds on the top tier it deserves.

And that ladies and germs, is likely the last we will ever see of Stargate: Worlds. Why? One look at Stargate: Resistance and you can tell it’s gonna bomb, it looks like a PC shooter from five or six years ago, and while that sort of graphical presentation might be acceptable for an MMO, it’s not the case for the highly competitive PC shooter market. It’s not my wish, but I can’t help but think the game’s going to flop and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment will go belly up, leaving the vultures to circle the highly lucrative license.

Had a look at the MMO section of Steam lately? Because there’s some extreme save-age going on there right now. How extreme?

  • Eve Online: Dominion – $5.00
  • Vanguard Saga of Heroes – $4.99
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea – $4.99
  • EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey – $4.99
  • EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark Starter Pack – $4.99
  • EverQuest Starter Pack – $4.99
  • Champions Online – $10.19 (Odd price)
  • Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures – $9.99
  • Cities XL Limited Edition – $24.99
  • Cities XL Regular Edition – $19.99
  • Lineage – $4.99
  • Lineage II: Garcia – $9.99
  • Aion – $44.99
  • Global Agenda – $44.99
  • Fallen Earth – $24.99

Like I said, extreme save-age, and just priced nicely enough that you don’t feel bad splashing the cash on yourself instead of someone else at Christmas.

No, Vanguard Saga of Heroes is on that list, but you might want to take a look at this little post on the official forums, The Road to Come, outlines what’s in store for Vanguards future, and frankly things are not looking exceptionally positive, with a spate of high profile feature cuts planned as the result of thinning resources. Frankly I’m a little surprised Vanguard’s lasted this long, but one has to assume it’s at least profitable for SOE.

A few weeks back it was announced that ol’ Zachary Quinto would be doing some voice overs in the upcoming Star Trek Online, at the time I lamented the fact that Cryptic weren’t able to get a hold of The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, the original, and best EMH, well it seems Cryptic had an ace up their sleeves and decided to one up my suggestion by getting a hold of “OG Spock” himself, one Leonard Nimoy.

Alright folks, that’s it from me, I’m off to go stuff my face further and see if I can’t sneak in a little anti-social videogame playing before the family’s off for a Christmas viewing of Disney’s The Frog Princess.

Merry Christmas fellow tooners, and God Bless us, everyone!


Blizzard’s very cool Christmas Card artwork is my new wallpaper, I love the fact that Santa Orc named his two cannon’s Naughty and Nice :)