Gamer Gifts and MMO Freebies

Christmas Eve is right around the corner and the gifts are piling up around the fern tree. Call it gamer’s intuition, but I doubt these shiny boxes will have anything cooler than a solid-brick fruitcake or a murloc shirt. So if you’re a bit unlucky, don’t fret. Here are some awesome stuff to snag for yourself  to make the holidays a bit more cheery, MMO-style:

Custom keyboards can prove to be more than reliable companions to gamers, helping prevent wipes in World of Warcraft raids with their programmable key macros. Their standard LCD screens and ergonomic design also lower the game management hassles–and stiff wrists–to a minimum. Speaking of comfort, gaming chairs are also great. The simplest ones go for as cheap as 50 bucks going up in price with additional functionality (vibration, anyone?). Those with less of a budget to work with could just a couple of tens for a month’s worth of game time can do the trick. Or a purchase some WoW Gold and Aion Kinah.

But gamers who (sadly) don’t receive similar items above, don’t despair. MMO developers are mighty generous this season with account and subscription “freebies”.

Full-time (READ: Non-trial account) pilots in Eve Online can claim Zephyr, a new starship named after some Greek god who likes to pass warm and light “breezes”.  Zephyr is shuttle-specced and has a spankin’ probe launcher, and doesn’t take crap from NPC ships in wormholes. It also looks like a cosmic paraglider, which is awesome! Aion daevas, meanwhile, get cool Double Experience Weekends across all levels, including crafting and gathering professions. This together with all the spare time in between buffet parties, will bring the level-50 cap that much closer along with plenty of Aion Kinah.

There are also free services such as character transfers in City of Heroes and, of course, box discounts like Fallen Earth‘s.

Just surf the MMO universes. You’ll bound to find other great goodies to munch on. Happy holidays!