Aion’s Refer-a-Friend, Age of Conan and Child’s Play

We’re heading into that anxious period of time before Christmas, the no-man’s land where you think you still have time, only to realise in a couple of days that Christmas is right around the corner, and you’d better get some shopping done, STAT! For my part I’ve picked up just one present, and I’ve got loads more to get, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the giftee’s want. If only all my folks were gamers…

Oh yeah, I saw Avatar this weekend (the James Cameron movie, not The Last Airbender), and if anyone cares, it’s amazing, so go see it, don’t be cynical about the story, just enjoy the visuals, because there’s never been anything quite like them.

Anyway, on to matters more MMO. I mentioned it last week, but wanted to quickly remind you folks about Aion’s refer a friend program, if you’re a veteran with over 90 days logged, you can invite a friend and get some free game time as a reward for yourself. Aion’s the first major MMO launch I can remember that hasn’t suffered from major post-launch blues (like Warhammer and Age of Conan) so it’d be great if the community could grow even further. If you can, invite some friends, get some quests, earn some Aion kinah and have some fun together. Best of all, you get a reward of free game time, and not just a couple of days, a whole month of free game time!

Of course, Aion isn’t the only game in town offering freebies, it is Christmas after all. Funcom, the dudes and dudettes behind Age of Conan are offering prizes to folks who sign up for their various Facebook and Twitter social media pages. This doesn’t just cover AoC mind you, it includes all of Funcom’s MMO,s from Anarchy Online to The Secret World. What prizes are on offer though? How about free game time for all your Funcom MMO’s, in-game items for Age of Conan, guaranteed beta access to the expansion Rise of the Godslayer and The Secret World, and a kajillion, squintillion aoc gold… okay so maybe I made that last one up.

Oh yeah, you need to have signed up before January 4th, 2010. Go! Go! Go!

I will be the first to admit I haven’t reactivated my Free Realms account in a few months, but you know, they’re bringing dinosaurs and ponies to the game as pets, ponies! I might have to reactivate just to get my wee little doggy to take on a triceratops in a no-holds barred fight to the death. Oh yeah, and ponies pee rainbows, I’M NOT KIDDING!

So why a triceratops? Simple, it’s one of many items across Free Realms, EverQuest II and EverQuest I that Sony has earmarked for the Child’s Play Winter Charity program. Now, in case you’re not familiar with Child’s Play, it’s a charity set up by Penny Arcade founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Child’s Play provides toys and games to hospitalised children all over the world, it’s a worthy charity if there ever was one.

So last week I talked about how Cryptic was finally pulling back the curtain on the Klingons in Star Trek Online, inviting gamers to ask questions about what the species play style involved. In the 18th installment of “Ask Cryptic“, we finally have the answers. There are a few interesting tidbits, for one, I was under the impression that Gorn, Naussican and Orion ships would be available to players at launch (since all three are part of the Klingon faction) but based on the responses, it sounds like Cryptic’s taking a wait and see approach to that. I’m also somewhat surprised that they’ve been unable to find Klingon linquists to… no, that last one’s just a bit too geeky and I refuse to continue.

I have to say I continue to have my reservations about Star Trek Online, but having already placed my preorder, I’m determined to see it through at least to beta, for better or worse.

And with that I’m off, there’s an EpicToon christmas party that needs planning, some Secret Santa shopping to get done, and a mince pie with my name on it. I’ll be back on Christmas day, so stop by and give me a wave!


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