Final Fantasy XIV Beta, Star Trek Online and the Feast of the Winter Veil

Apologies for the tardy blog today folks, my ISP has deemed it fit to spread a little Christmas cheer my way in the form of inconsistent service. Aside from that though, all seems to be well in the Coker household. We’ve got jello (or jelly if you’re a Brit), gingerbread, mince pies, puddn’s, cheesecakes and Christmas cakes aplenty, all conspiring to explode my burgeoning waistline. What’s a glutton to do?

With each passing day we inch closer and closer to the launch of Star Trek Online, so it’s perhaps a little surprising that Crpytic’s taken so long to give us any real details on one of the two main factions in the game; Klingons.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Klingon experience is heavily geared toward PvP gameplay, what struck me as a little odd is that you won’t be able to boot up STO and just create a Klingon character right off the bat, rather you’ve got to progress through your first “sector block” of Federation content (roughly five hours into the game) before you can think of joining the House of Martok. I’ll be straight, I have no intention of playing a Klingon, but if you’re interested, have a look at Cryptic’s first bit of info, additionally, if you’re already registered on the STO forums you can ask your own questions of the devs in this official thread.

Before we leave Star Trek Online entirely, I’d like to point you in the direction of a neat little write up on that goes into detail on the game’s in-depth character creation suite (the first impression of any MMO).

While we’re on the subject of Cryptic, let’s talk for a moment about Champions Online. Are you one of those folks who thinks it’s clever to make your Champs character a direct clone of a more popular, established spandex clad hero? Well STOP IT! That’s the polite message from Cryptic in their latest dev blog, which also points out that parodies or send offs of these popular characters are just fine, see The Shark Knight!

Do you luuuuurv Final Fantasy XI? Are you waiting impatiently for the next big thing (Final Fantasy XIV)? Are you counting the FFXI gil, tapping your toes and plucking your chocobo’s feathers in breathless anticipation? Yes? Then you’ll be pleased to find out that Square Enix (SQUEENIX!) is now taking applications for the FFXIV beta… on PC, no doubt the PS3 beta will be tied to some evil preorder scheme or Qore subscription or some such nonsense. To sign up, head on over to this page and enter your deets.

No one does in-game Christmas like World of Warcraft. You could argue that no one does in-game events like Blizzard, period, but that’s an argument for another day. Rejoice and make merry, for the Feast of the Winter Veil falls upon Azeroth and Outland once again. Winter Veil bosses, Revelers, Gift Giving, Quests, Snowmen, wow gold, cookies, milk and Greatfather Winter, it’s all coming, bringing wowheads reason to crack a smile as they wade through the Fall of the Lich King.

And much like the winter winds, I’m outta here, going to see if I can rustle up some grub and mead, yes, mead! But before I go I’ll leave you with the latest from Aion, first, the news that Aion’s devs have heeded your cries about the game’s steep XP curve, and are planning some double XP weekends (which seem to be all the rage). If you’re a cheapskate like myself, you might want to start wrangling as many friends as you can and giving them an Aion sales pitch, as you’re now able to get free game time using Aion’s refer a friend program.

Welp, via con dios, amigos! I’ll be blogging again on Christmas day, so be sure to stop by for a short, festive post. Y’all have a good week, good luck shopping, be nice, not naughty, and spread the Christmas cheer!


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