Solarius and Winter Veil: A Roleplayer’s POV

Pop culture has painted quite an accurate stereotype of online gamers (bespectacled, introvert and sci-fi fan), but it’s often bothered me  how we’re clumped together with regards to play style. Not all of us are after mere hacking and slashing, because frankly, that’s just one aspect of MMOs.

One can often find item fanatics collecting rare weapons and armor, Aion Kinah or WoW Gold expenses be damned. There are also the war freaks who charge into massive arenas for exciting PvP action, arguably to channel their real world aggression.

But another bloc of gamers cares more for the “softer” aspects of MMOs. Enter the roleplayers.

Wear that? Say what?

Roleplayers (who I’m proud to belong to) are obsessed with donning the most (in)appropriate garb during Pirates’ Day, or rolling an elvish name that impresses the ladies. Don’t get me wrong, we also care about in-game currency and expensive gear, but only insofar as how these items can enhance our immersion to an MMO game.

We care so much about legend and lore that developers have often found themselves turning red in embarrassment when event timelines—as pointed out by one of our kind—do not stack up to a believable flow.

But as much as we can be sticklers for story accuracy and authenticity, we are also loved by developers because we participate most during in-game events.

First Christmas in Atreia, Sort of

Browsing through the initial preview of Aion’s Solarius Festival, I’m not sure if the in-game event will cut it out for us Aion roleplayers.

The website feature shows both capital cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium smothered with ornaments and other Christmas trinkets. I can get over the massive wreaths and bows, but Shugos filling in as Santas? Merchants hate giving away free stuff, right?

The back story is interesting, though, as both Elyos and Asmodians will be celebrating the Solarius Festival in honor of ascended Daevas. There are also plans for an in-game musical orchestra activity, which what I’m most excited about. Band geeks and Glee fans rejoice!

Now, if NCSoft just adds more of these interactive elements to the Solarius Festival,

I’m sure roleplayers (or casual players like me) could find ourselves splitting time between online and offline Yuletide celebrations.

The Legend of Snow

WoW also continues its Feast of Winter Veil tradition. For the unitiated, the races of Azeroth believed that a certain Greatfather Winter would cover the land in snow. A great feast is thrown to honor the land’s rebirth after the harsh winter.

Aion’s Solarius Festival could learn a lesson or two from the Feast of Winter Veil. It has tons of content for us roleplayers to chew on, even when these are tied to standard quest formats.

There is a mission to save Metzen the Reindeer from captivity and Christmas Eve gift-giving (or more accurately gift-receiving). Jinglepocket Goblins’ Fare Shops will also be selling festive costumes and accessories.

Of course, some of these Christmas-inspired activities will cost a pretty in-game coin or two. But I personally wouldn’t mind a couple of money sinks aimed at my hard-earned Aion Kinah and WoW Gold, just as long as I get to throw a snowball at King Bronzebeard’s face and get away with it!