Age of Conan Free Unlimited Trial, Aion’s Solorius Festival and Star Trek Online

I must admit that right now I feel a bit guilty, for as I chomp down on a comically large bar of festive nougat, a stack of mince pies and some hot chocolate staring at me, I can already feel my waistline expanding. But what the heck it’s the holidays right? Ti’s the season to eat drink, spend wow gold and be merry.

You know, every now and then I come close to buying a Mac and ending the seemingly never ending battle against Windows, but then I remember I’m a gamer, and I look at the sleek white boxes Jobs made and shake my head. Well, it would appear that now I can shake my head a little less, as one of my games of the year will be making its way to the platform next week, yup, Dragon Age: Origins is coming to the Mac on December 21st, just in time for Christmas!

Yesterday I did something I’ve never ever done in all my years as a slave to the game… I placed a preorder. This might not seem a big deal, and it probably isn’t, but I’ve never really seen the need for preorders, I mean it’s not like Amazon’s going to run out copies right? So what did I preorder? The Collectors Edition of Star Trek Online of course! I think the promise of a) A TNG uniform, b) this Starbase 24 trailer, c) Crpytic’s Ten Reasons for a Trekkie to Play, that finally pushed me over the edge. At that last link you’ll also find out that nuSpock, Zachary Quinto will be the voice of the tutorial EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) in the game. You have to wonder though, why they didn’t get the much funnier (and probably cheaper) Robert Picardo…. oh well, it’s not like I’m complaining.

First Warhammer did it, now Age of Conan’s doing it, yup, looks like the Unlimited Trial is all the rage at the moment, which is great, because timed trials suck, I mean you spend hours downloading the client, and then by the time you get into the character creation and early tutorials you’ve lost your zeal to play and just think, “maybe I’ll come back to this in a few days”, by which time the trial is inevitably over.

Anyway, to get in on the Hyborian action, all you need to do is download the client by January 1st, 2010, log in, create a character, and you’ll be able to play the first twenty levels totally free, forever.

I admit, I’m tempted to abuse the system by downloading the free trial and just keeping it to tool around with whenever I feel like some AoC, but I won’t, because Age of Conan is a great game, and also, because it’s just too much work. That said, if you’ve never played AoC and are looking for something different, I can’t recommend it enough, give the free trial a go, roam Tortage, pick up some quests, bash some skulls, earn some aoc gold and have a blast. New players should keep in mind though, that the first twenty levels of AoC are not entirely representative of the sort of tight focus you’ll find in the rest of the game. For one thing, the full voice acting on all NPC’s kinda goes missing once you leave Tortage…

For a long time Eve Online was the closest I could get to playing a Star Trek MMO… but Eve Online just isn’t for me, it might be your cup of tea though, and if it is you’re no doubt excited about the Dominion expansion which sees the game get a substantial facelift. How substantial? CCP have put together this trailer video to give you a bit of an idea, mesmerising stuff eh?

There’s no better way to build community in an online game than hosting fun seasonal events, and the folks at NCsoft are gearing up for their second such event following Aion’s Harvest Revel, with the Yuletide themed, Solorius Festival. What have NCsoft planned to keep players busy? Well, gifts (from the crimson clad Santa Shugo!), spirits and pastries naturally! Oh, and musical instruments, big musical instruments, and when I say big, I mean BIG, large enough that the weight of an entire person is required to press the keys on the massive pianos installed in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. Details and screens here.

And with that I’m done. A wonderful weekend saw all the English Premiere League results go just the way I was hoping (in favor of Arsenal F.C), I have a basket of mince pies, and the Christmas cheer is starting to kick in around EpicToon HQ , the week’s off to a good start. :)


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