Rise of the Godslayer, Everquest II and World of Warcraft Patch 3.3

I made a tough decision yesterday. 30 odd hours in, I decided to stop playing Dragon Age: Origins on PC and get it on PS3 instead. I know the PC version the “superior” version, but frankly I don’t need another reason to stay glued to my PC screen for hours on end, my poor squinty eyes and crooked hook neck demand that I settle for a couch and controller experience.

As most gamers know, the decision to double dip is not one easily taken, but I feel DA:O is worth it. Speaking of double dipping, I can’t find my EQII discs, and I kinda want to go for a jaunt in Norrath right now, you know, take on some quests, explore the countryside, earn some EQII plat.

Actually, perhaps I should have stuck with EQII all these years, apparently I’d be eligible for some pretty cool Veterans Rewards (which seem to be all the rage);

  • Call of the Veteran
  • Hammer of Adept Hands
  • Destiny Accessory Bag
  • Hood of Fate
  • Shroud of Fate

Have a look at the item details here, they’re planned to go live tomorrow, December 9th.

Also, the latest videos and movies from Bioware have given me a hankerin’ for some Star Wars MMO-centric mayhem, a taste that will probably not be sated by Star Wars Galaxies, but I’ve only ever played the game very briefly, maybe I’ll give the 14 day free trial a spin.

Some to think of it, I also feel like giving Planetside a whirl… maybe someone at SOE’s been putting something in my water.

If your Monday was anything like mine, you were probably working when Funcom and Xfire decided they wanted to hold their live gameplay event for Rise of the Godslayer (the Monday at noon trailer showing for a game aimed at a mature audience was not the most intelligent move). Nevertheless, the entire run through is thankfully up in streaming video format at the Xfire website.

First impressions? Yup, that’s Age of Conan alright. Second impressions? That’s a looooong video, fifty eight minutes long to be exact, that’s a lot more time than I had, but if you’re really looking forward to Godslayer, I’m sure the length of the video would be a positive.

If the live walkthrough wasn’t enough info for you (glutton!), or you just really, really like to read, then you’ll be happy that online magazine Thirteen1 sat down with AoC game director Craig Morrison.

Those looking for some more immediate action on the AoC front though, should look no further than IGN’s preview of game update 6, which promises to pretty darn epic, what with the appearance of long-time Conan adversary and snazzy dresser, Toth Amon. There’s also talk of the new Guild Reknown system, but you know, it’s freakin’ Toth Amon people!

Are you a talented animator? Do you loooooove the DC Universe? Well good, cus the guys at Sony Online Entertainment have cooked up a pretty interesting contest that actually takes talent to win! Basically, all you have to do is animate one of the DC Universe Online characters either for entry in the game’s official final trailer, or for use as an in-game emote. Final trailer shot winners get $500, emote winners get $150, both get a copy of DCUO (when the game is ready to roll of course). Naturally there are more details and contest rules, which you can read through at the DCUO Facebook page.

The closer we get to Star Trek Online’s February 2nd launch, the more I get the feeling I’m going to end up pre-ordering the game. I know I’ve complained about the all out action nature of all the trailers we’ve seen thus far, but it can’t be argued the trailers haven’t looked exciting.

And now up come a spate of “advanced retail offers” from different retailers, geared get fence sitters like moi firmly off the fence.

  • Gamestop – Ability to command the USS Enterprise (can you say canon violation?)
  • Best Buy – In-game pets. Federation captains get a tribble, Klingon captains get a targ.
  • Amazon – “Liberated Borg” Bridge Officer (SOLD!… as long as we get to chose the sex of this liberated borg)
  • Wal-Mart – Bonus Skill Points Package…. zzzzzzzzzzz…
  • Target – Unique ground weapon, TR-116. Now I’m a Trekkie, but that’s just too geeky.
  • Direct2Drive – Multi-Spatial Personal Shield (regenerating shields)… boo! for per-order bonuses that affect gameplay!
  • Steam – Chromodynamic Armor, improves damage and critical hits of energy weapons (see above boo!)

And that about does it for me, I’m off to go decide on a brand of tooth whitener. Before I go though, I’ll leave you with the news that WoW.com has heard from “its sources” that World of Warcraft Patch 3.3 will be going live today, Oh, frabjuous day, callooh callay! I might just hop back on the wagon, give my warrior a run about,  pick up some new quests, make some wow gold and see what all the fuss has been about.


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