Man beats WoW, The Old Republic, Star Trek Online and a Rise of the Godslayer demo

What better way to start the morning than with a double shot of piping hot rrrrrraktajino and a couple of challenges in Batman: Arkham Asylum! Ever play a game and think, “boy this universe would be great for an MMO!” Well I kept thinking that when I was playing Arkham Asylum, and yeah, I know the DC Universe is being given the MMO treatment with DC Universe Online, but that looks distinctly more Saturday morning than the grimy, grungy Gotham of Eidos’ surprisingly solid entry.

The phrase, “man beats World of Warcraft“, is one I never thought I’d type. I suppose it was inevitable, but the sheer scale of the taskĀ  just made the very thought of actually “finishing” World of Warcraft almost ludicrous. And yet, someone’s gone and done it-(ish)… and lived to tell the tale. To give you an idea of just how massive an undertaking this feat is, all of WoW’s 986 achievements had to be unlocked. Let’s break it down and take a look at things by numbers:

  • 390,895 creatures killed
  • 7,225,538,878 points of damage dealt
  • 5,906 quests a day (averaging 14 a day, that’s like, a lot of wow gold)
  • 405 dungeons raided
  • 11 players hugged

Is that nuts or what? Someone hand the man a gore-tex suit! We at EpicToon HQ would like to extend our congratulations to “Little Gray” on this stunning feat… but what now?

Remember a few E3’s ago NCsoft and Sony announced a partnership that would see a number of NCsoft MMO’s coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3? Well it’s a good thing Sony didn’t wait around on NCsoft and instead got to work on The Agency, DC Universe Online and Planetside 2, because NCsoft have, shall we say, been dragging their heels ever since. That said, looks like NCsoft is ready to start reconsidering their stance as they’re currently actively “looking at what it takes” to develop a console MMO. Don’t hold your breath though, if they haven’t even started development yet, and considering MMO dev cycles are usually 3-5 years long, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing anything any time soon… unless they’re planning on porting Aion or Guild Wars 2.

You know how I talked about making a raktajino (Klingon coffee) earlier? Well that’s pretty much what I want from a Star Trek MMO. I just kinda want to wander around my starship as captain, checking on the Dilithium Crystals, stopping by medical to chat up my hot redhead Chief Medical Officer, then mozy on down to the bridge to order scans of utopian planets before beaming down to experience their society, you know, just like Picard in The Next Generation. My problem with Star Trek Online, is that as we near launch, the focus seems to be increasingly on combat, and the fact that the in-ship experience seems to be limited to just your actions on the bridge. Still, it’s Star Trek, I’ll probably end up getting it anyway, even if the recently revealed Collectors Edition looks pretty lame;

  • Communicator badge (cool, but pretty much expected. I hope it’s better than the cheap plastic ones that came in boxes of Corn Pops this summer)
  • Special maual/Art book
  • 3 Day guest passes for friends (how many friends? and just three days? Not even a week? For shame!)
  • Red Matter Capacitor, capable of giving an energy boost for a short time (boo for collectors edition goodies that affect gameplay)
  • Classic Next Generation and Deep Space 9 add-ons (okay, that’s really cool, and I might get the CE just for those)
  • Free Constitution class Starship as a preorder bonus

At $79.99 it’s a little steep, but I have a bad feeling I’ll bite, and bite early, if only to get guaranteed beta access starting January 12th.

Anyway, back to the whole STO, space combat thingy. Massively did a hands-on, which ironically starts with the line “Space battles in Star Trek Online are going to be a big selling point for many a Trek fan.” Like most hands-on and previews for the space combat in STO, they seem to come away relatively impressed.

Still, what really continues to give me hope is the way the dev team talks about what they hope to achieve with Star Trek Online, especially in this interview that covers just that. There’s less of a focus on combat and you get a sense that the team really understands what makes the franchise so popular with fans (the Genesis system sounds really intriguing). Here’s hoping that the focus on combat is more a marketing move designed to attract the more casual, bloodthirsty gamer.

Now, regular readers will know that despite the fact I’m a die-hard Trekkie, I’m more excited for Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, mainly because Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins are amazing games… and then there was that jaw dropping CG trailer at E3 as well. The reason I bring up TOR is that there’s a pretty cool new video interview by the guys at GiantBomb the game’s producer, Blaine Christine, that covers a lot of ground, including the newly announced characters, The Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor, I’m really digging the emphasis on story.

Finally, a heads up that Funcoms going to be hosting a live demo on X-Fire (fairly ballsy move) on December 7th at 12pm PDT. Why choose a Monday rather than the weekend? Lord knows, but I’m gonna see if I can carve out some time to have a look-see, I’ve put down AoC for a bit while I got lost in Dragon Age, but a good demo might just get me pumped enough to part with some precious aoc gold and buy some more game time.

Anway, that’s it for me, I’m off to see if I can take down some more of Joker’s venom empowered thugs in Arkham Asylum.


Jim Carrey’s Fire Marshall Bill… in spaaaaaaaace! (Always a classic)